When you buy or build your home, there are many things that you need to consider to ensure that every member of your family feels happy and safe. If you have a dog and you know that you will have a canine in your family for many years to come, then it makes sense to take them into consideration when it comes to purchasing or building your living space. Millennial homebuyers seem to be the most concerned when it comes to having dog amenities in their home, however, many generations love their dogs and want to make their home more dog-friendly. If you fall into that category, then here are some home modifications that you can implement to suit your dog.

A Dog Shower

Having a wash station for your dog in your home can save you money when it comes to grooming your pet. Dogs tend to find themselves in messy situations, so having an easily accessible area that gives you plenty of space to wash your pet is very convenient. These bathing stations are usually installed by the back entrance, to ensure that your dog can be cleaned immediately rather than letting them make a mess of your home. People who own large dogs find these dog showers particularly useful, as it can be difficult to fit them in the tub. It also makes the clean-up less stressful, as the dog doesn’t need to be carried or dragged through the house.

A Fenced Yard

If you own or plan to own a dog, a fenced yard is essential and is usually the main feature buyers look for in a home. Having a fenced-in yard is perfect for dogs who enjoy the outdoors and need extra space and exercise. They also prove to be extremely useful during bad weather or days where you are particularly busy. A tall fence around your yard can help to protect your pet from predators, aggressive dogs, and criminals. They keep your dog safe and secure and provide a sense of privacy, which is an appreciated bonus.

Storage Cabinets for Dog Supplies

Dogs require a lot of supplies such as treats, toys, food, grooming tools, and other equipment. Having a dedicated area for all of their stuff is a great way to keep things tidy and organized. People often install extra cabinets close to their dog’s main living space to place all of their food, snacks, medication and health supplements. For creative and natural products for your pet, visit Innovet.

Window Modification

Anxiety issues can be common among dogs. Stimuli that can be seen through windows can cause dogs to become stressed, noisy or it can put them on edge. This is a problem that is usually seen when the owners leave, but it can be an issue at all moments of the day. To help this problem, some owners have taken to installing windows that are high up so the dogs can’t see out of them, whilst others install extremely thick blinds. However, the best solution for this issue is plantation shutters. It is tricky for dogs to open these shutters, as they close quite tightly.

Soundproof Rooms

Although fireworks tend to be let off at particular times during the year, there can be times where people randomly let them off. This gives you little or no time to prepare your dog if fireworks stress them out. There are also storms and other loud events that can randomly occur and scare many dogs. While a lot of us can get away with sitting in a room with our dog with the TV on to drown out the sound, some owners have decided to convert small rooms or large closets with soundproofing to help keep their pets feel safe and comfortable. To do this, polyester tiles or cotton panels can be used to line the room and reduce up to 30% of the sound.

Converting the Floor

Many dogs can struggle to walk on hardwood floors or tiles due to their nails. Other reasons can be due to their weight, age, health issues, and/or breed. Many homeowners either convert their floor or add things to the flooring so it is easier for their pets to walk on it. This can include adding rugs, carpets, and runners to help the dog keep their footing and to decrease the impact it has on their bones and joints. Adding heated flooring throughout your home is ideal for dogs that suffer from problems like arthritis because the heat helps to soothe their muscles, stops their joints from seizing up, and relaxes them.

Recessed Beds

Dog beds that are installed into the floor are great for dogs who struggle to climb. A recessed bed allows your pet to walk along the edge or rim or step up onto a soft cushion. With age, dogs tend to find it harder to move and they will definitely appreciate having an easily accessible and comfortable bed. Memory foam and other orthopaedic materials are ideal for these kinds of beds and make it even better for the ageing or poorly pet.

A Personal Space

Designing a personal space for your dog is something you should consider when designing your home around your pet. It doesn’t only look good; it also provides a safe spot for your pet. There are many ways you can do this and many different designs you can consider for their space. You can either convert a crate or kennel into a little bedroom for your pet or you can convert a small room, such as a closet underneath the stairs (if you can afford to give up space). The space doesn’t need to be big as dogs prefer their personal space to be small. That way, it feels safer and more like a den.

The things that you can do to modify your home into a more pet-friendly space don’t have to be complicated. The changes can be stylish and can even make your home look more modern. As well as this, these adjustments can help make your life easier, as well as providing more comfort and security for your pet.

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