As the vaccine rollouts get into full swing, the US is all set to be back to work in the foreseeable future. It means you can expect to return to the office unless your company decides to embrace remote work for good. Back to work will definitely be a welcome event after more than a year of isolation. But it will also require a complete reset for your life at home. The challenge will be a tad bigger for dog parents who will have to deal with a new routine and separation anxiety. Here are some measures that can help you reset your dog care routine in the new normal.

Back To Work - How To Reset Your Dog Care Routine In The New Normal

Maintain a schedule

Dogs are creatures of habit, and they thrive on predictability. Maintaining a schedule will make them comfortable even with the new lifestyle. You can ease the transition by establishing fixed times for daily activities like waking up, feeding, bathing, walks, and bathroom breaks. Routine reduces stress for the animal and gives you a better sense of control as a pet parent. Accordingly, if your dog is in need of some help advice about stress busting techniques for your four-legged friend can be found online really easily nowadays so do not be afraid to do some research.

How to Keep Your Dog Busy as You Work
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Give some practice

Now that going back is impending, start giving the pet some practice for a smooth transition. Leave it alone for a couple of hours, and make sure that it is in a safe and comfortable space. Consider it a weaning phase to make it habitual to be without you. The pet will gradually get used to the idea of being alone. Dog owners who live alone should be particular about this practice phase.

Have a plan to manage anxiety

Separation anxiety is perhaps the biggest woe for dog parents leaving their pets home alone after more than a year of WFH. You can expect bigger trouble if your home is on a busy street because snarling traffic can cause anxiety. It is best to have a plan to manage separation and noise anxiety before leaving for work. CBD can do wonders for both, so start it early to decide the product and dosage that works.

Create a safe space

A safe space for the pet will keep it happy and comfortable. It is a worthy investment because it will make you stress-free about its well-being. A noise-free part of the house is ideal. Ensure that the dog has a crate with warm blankets where it can rest. Buy some new toys to keep the dog happily engaged while you are away. Also, leave food and treats for the animal.

Modifying Your Home to Suit Your Dog
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Hire a pet-sitter

Leaving your dog home will not be easy because the attachment levels are at the highest for most pet parents now. It makes sense to hire a pet sitter to look after your furry companion while you are at work. You may have to spend, but having someone taking care of the pet gives you peace of mind. Make sure you check the credentials of the pet sitter before hiring them.

Resetting pet care in the new normal will require some effort, but it is doable. You can follow these measures to make things easier. Also, ensure to spend some quality time with the dog every day to make it feel loved.

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