In an ideal world, most of us would want nothing more than to spend all our time with our pets. However, in the practical world, duty calls! It may not be possible to take your dog to work with you. You have to leave the dogs at home by themselves. Most dogs turn to destructive behaviours when they are left to their devices. If you are wondering how to keep your dog constructively busy, we’ve got you. Here’s how:

How to Keep Your Dog Busy as You Work

Leave the Television On

A quiet environment is one way to get your dog distracted by every single thing. Leave the TV on and tuned to an animal channel to keep the dog distracted. The sounds and videos of the animals will keep the dog captivated for a while.

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White noise

If you are not so keen on leaving the television on, you could choose to use white noise. You can get a dedicated white noise device to release calming sounds. The white noise is excellent in blocking outside noises that could cause agitation. If you do not have the budget for a dedicated white noise machine, you can leave a fan or window AC unit switched on. The noise from this equipment will help to keep your pooch calm.

Get Dental Chews

One great way to keep your dog distracted is by providing some chewy treats. Well, the chewy treats can keep your dog engaged and entertained as you work. Your dog might even get distracted long enough for it to want a nap! You can get bully sticks for dogs from Bully Bunches. The best thing about dental chews is that they are quite good for your dog’s dental health. The chews are also natural and digestible.

Provide a Cozy Bed

Dogs will love to sleep for a few hours during the day. A plush bed is an excellent way to get your dog to rest. Investing in a bed with plush fabric and orthopaedic foam that will entice your dog to want to curl up in it.

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Organize play dates

If there are other dogs in your area that your dog is comfortable with, you could schedule playdates for them. Your dog will for sure enjoy having a companion to play with throughout the day. Just leave the key with a family member or trusted friend who can let the dog out to play.

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If you do not know of any neighbours with dogs and you’d love for your dog to have some company, you can opt for doggy daycare. They work just like baby daycares. Your dog will be watched by a professional as it interacts with other doggies.

Adopt another dog!

It might seem like quite the commitment, but it could be a worthwhile commitment, especially if you happen to spend a lot of time at work. When dogs are alone, they do not get the chance to socialize. It could lead to them resorting to destructive behaviours. But, two is better than one, any day! When your dog has a companion, they have a companion to play with and keep each other in check.

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Wrap Up

Sometimes, all your dog needs to have a good time are a couple of good distractions. These distractions are bound to keep your home and dog safe when you are away at work. They might even help if you are working from home!

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