Clothes have a personality of their own and matching them perfectly with yours is the key to looking good. It boils down to finding a unique style that defines you, something that you look good and feel easy in. For some women, finding the perfect ones maybe a piece of cake, and others may take decades to understand what really the style that defines them is. If you are struggling to discover your signature style, here are some tips that can get you closer to the goal.

Identify what’s working and what’s not

Every woman has a handful of go-to pieces that they instinctively reach for to look put-together. That’s where you should start- have a close look at your wardrobe and find what really works for you in terms of aesthetics and comfort. At the same time, there will be some pieces that you may have never worn or never wear again. Segregating the outfits you possess right now can give you a clear idea about your signature style.

Spot the missing pieces

A careful assessment of your wardrobe not only helps you to understand its strengths and weaknesses but also spot the potentially missing pieces. Wardrobe consultants recommend that ideally, your closet should have more tops than bottoms as no one remembers your pants. Assess the staples such as timeless, solid-colour pieces and novelty items like prints and funky details. You will surely get one step closer to knowing your personal preferences once you spot all that’s missing in your collection.

Look for inspiration

Figuring out your signature style becomes much easier if you look for inspiration. Follow your favourite celebrity and you will surely know what can be emulated. Checking out brands like JustFab is a good idea because they have personalized stuff that may just be what you are looking for. Stay one step ahead of the season’s trends by following the major fashion websites that keep you updated with everything that’s hot on the sartorial landscape.

Be willing to experiment

Although you may get lots of ideas and inspiration to find the style that works for you, never settle for one. It can make things monotonous and you will end up feeling bored with yourself. Be willing to experiment with your looks as it gives you a chance to update your closet from time to time. If it doesn’t feel right, you can skip the idea of wearing it again. But maybe, it will feel amazing!

Pay attention to your gut

If you want to nail your sartorial choices, nothing is more important than paying attention to your instincts. When an outfit is too revealing or tight, you wouldn’t feel comfortable and your gut will tell you. Anything that needs you to convince yourself about wearing it isn’t worth picking up. It’s surely not the look for you.

Following these tips would surely help you with understanding and embracing the style that defines you. Going the extra mile is worth the effort because you will get noticed for it!

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