Being a wedding photographer, you may always feel the pressure of delivering your best and creating stunning portraits. With more and more styles and forms of photography now doing the rounds, brides and grooms demand new and out-of-the-box ideas. Thanks to different platforms of social media, there is more awareness.

People are no longer shy about experimenting with newer ideas and styles. But in some cases, this may leave you in a fix as you being the person behind the lens are expected to innovate and produce remarkable pictures. These will just not be added to your repertoire but will also cement your repute, not to mention capturing clicks to last a lifetime. If you have been facing trouble finding out new photographic angles and styles, going through this article will help you to be abreast of all that is in vogue.

Capturing Soulful Moments Through Wedding Photography Styles To Execute

The Traditionals

This is a photography style that is preferred by people who want to recreate the same level of magic as in the wedding albums of their parents. The desire is not to be too creative here but rather to click the photographs in such a manner that will look elegant and timeless. Such clicks are usually captured in calm and a bit formal poses at the eye level. These come out brilliantly when there are a lot of people to be captured together, for example, the couple’s families together. Even though they are nothing crazy and are overly simplistic at times, yet they guarantee to retain the same classic appeal of the time when they were clicked.


With time, the concept of wedding photobooths has gotten fairly popular. They are a great way to create wonderful pictures in an effortless way. They help to retain the fun atmosphere of the wedding venue in the clicks which shows all the merry-makings of the guests. They are amazing at breaking the ice between people who meet each other for the first time at the place and keep on providing many laughs throughout the day. As per the experts at Something Blue Photography, the sleek and easy touch screen interface of the photobooths are a very interesting addition to the event. As they all come with props, guest books, party favours, and even a green screen background, chances are that you will also have a blast clicking pictures.

Photojournalistic Pictures

If you are looking for some of the most heartfelt and memorable images, then taking a photojournalistic approach may just work for you. All you need to do is treat the wedding day as a news story or feature covering session. As you will see the different events of the day unfold gradually in front of your eyes, capturing these moments will become easier and more fun. You may not want to keep it constant throughout the day as you will definitely want to incorporate the other styles of clicking pictures. Hence, this would be actually great to capture the behind-the-scenes or the outbursts of emotions of the people present. Choosing to click in this style intermittently will help you to snap the magic as it happens. The thing to remember for this form is that it does not use any artificial lighting or props. Hence, you need to be pretty swift with the natural direction and the mood of the wedding party. Since this form captures the people in their truest of essences, this helps the couple to unburden themselves from posing stiffly. Thus, this lets their pictures tell their enjoyable tales.

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This one may look like the most opposite of the spectrum till now in contrast to all, but editorial photography gives out gorgeous pictures. These call for poses like in a fashion magazine and comparatively is a rare style to follow. But for some people, it feels like the perfect way of capturing the essence of the day. Editorial pictures give a high-end and luxury feel. Also, it gives you a great way of experimenting with your apparatus as every single time you go-ahead to have a photoshoot. The different settings and the atmosphere will always produce breathtaking pictures.

Dark and Light Photography

Another ever-popular way of getting pictures clicked is in this style. This helps to find a perfect balance of the dark along with the light that is naturally available. From a photographer’s angle, it helps you to effectively capture all the emotions and moods of the couple in a very dramatic way. Usually, such a photoshoot is done of just the couple alone in a secluded area, like an empty room or an unoccupied portion of the wedding venue. The dark shooting and editing help to reveal the rawness of the varying degrees of human sentiments of a wedding day. Even the most popular magazines are now displaying a preference for such pictures. Thus, it is not a surprise that more and more couples are gravitating towards this style.

Fine Art

Even though this style is most associated with films, yet is picking up its pace in the world of wedding photography. In its more hybrid forms, it is best known for its lightness, brightness, and the airy feel it helps the pictures to embody. The delicate framing comes even more alive and the softness and cleaner look makes the clicks appear more defined than the digital.


The age-old advice is to make lemonades out of lemons when you have them. Quite similarly, if you are ever that fortunate to have the backgrounds of stunning locales to shoot a wedding, you should make it work out to your advantage fully. It is becoming a big thing to photograph a couple’s most important day in highly scenic destinations. Be it either the mountains or the beach, both work out excellently in your favour to create the perfect setting for the pictures. To be even more ready, you can take some time ahead to scout the area for the perfect spots to add a little adventurous angle to your photography.

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The Last Word

Being a wedding photographer, it is crucial for you to be able to connect with the place. To be able to reflect the connection with people on a deep level will help to portray their souls through your images. Hopefully, you will find the above-mentioned ideas useful to create pictures that tick all the boxes to reveal the epic beauty of the day.

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