As a homeowner, it’s worth knowing that everything is amazing about natural light. It brings an aura of positivity in your living space and elevates the “feel-good” serotonin levels in your body. The fact that you can see a visible drop in your power bills makes you feel even better. So it surely makes sense to go the extra mile for having more natural light in your place. The best part is that you can achieve it without spending a lot. Here are some smart, pocket-friendly ideas to light up your home naturally.

Opt for lighter shades in interior paint

When it comes to adding more light to your living space, painting walls and ceilings white seems like a no-brainer. If white is too bland for you, there are other cool color hues you can explore, from the lightest shades of grey, blue, pink, and peach. So you have a pop of colour even while ensuring that the walls and ceilings are bright enough to make the place look lighted up. You can go the extra mile by choosing a higher gloss paint that gives the walls a mirror-light effect.

Paint the eaves white

Apart from the interiors, prioritize white paint for the eaves as well. Eaves are the overhangs created by the roof of the house and they reflect natural light into the house. Painting them white boosts this capability and makes the interior look brighter. Even if the exterior paint is in a different colour, stick to white for the eaves because it wouldn’t be visible or affect the curb appeal.

Install skylights in the ceilings

Skylights make another great idea that wouldn’t fail when it comes to pulling in natural light for your living space. The fact that they face upward just enhances the benefits of installing skylights because they provide direct sunlight as long as the sun is overhead. The light is also more consistent as compared to that coming in from the windows. So this is one worthy investment you can make for your house.

Replace wall space with glass blocks

If you can shell out a little extra for getting a lot of natural light, consider replacing sections of the exterior wall with glass blocks. This one is not the easiest and inexpensive measure but the effective results certainly make it worthwhile. It opens up an entire bland area outdoors so that you have the sun beaming in during the day.

Use reflective tiles in the kitchen and bathrooms

Glass tiles make a great choice for your kitchen or bathroom backsplash as they are as good as installing mirrors. They are capable of reflecting all the light that hits them, so these areas of the house will end up naturally bright, just the way you would want them too. Moreover,

these tiles do not cost a fortune and you can easily install them in the budget. Glossy ceramic is another good choice if you wouldn’t want to settle for glass tiles.

These ideas may cost a bit but can save you dollars in the long run. Moreover, your place will look bright, beautiful and happy!

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