Adenomyosis is a gynaecological condition in which the tissue lining of the uterus grows inward into the uterus muscle instead of outward. The trapped tissue builds up and scars the uterus, causing the uterus to thicken.

Adenomyosis is similar to endometriosis and fibroids and is often called the sister to endometriosis. The symptoms range from mild to severe.

Can an adenomyosis patient conceive and give birth safely

Adenomyosis and conception

Living with adenomyosis can be very challenging for some women. Besides causing symptoms that disrupt daily life, adenomyosis also interferes with pregnancy.

Note that a woman can conceive even while having adenomyosis. However, adenomyosis has been found to affect infertility and reproduction. Studies show that women with the condition tend to have pregnancy complications. The most common of these complications is preterm delivery, affecting almost 25% of patients.

Preterm delivery is when a woman gives birth long before the expected time. In that case, the child’s organs wouldn’t have fully developed. Such babies tend to be smaller, with underdeveloped brains, lungs, and livers, and this is a serious concern.

Other risks that pregnant adenomyosis patients may experience include miscarriage, postpartum haemorrhage, or uterine infection. Since it causes growth in the uterus, the fetus may have restricted growth. The condition may also cause labour complications.

Adenomyosis and infertility

Adenomyosis does not directly cause infertility, but it can influence how easy it is to conceive and carry the pregnancy to term. It interacts with other conditions that may cause infertility.

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What you can do

Adenomyosis cannot be cured, only treated. The only cure for the condition is a hysterectomy, the removal of the uterus. You may not want that.

Many women in New York live with adenomyosis and give birth safely with assistance. If you live with the disease and are trying to get pregnant or worry about complications, it’s best to see an adenomyosis specialist NYC. Your adenomyosis NYC specialist will examine your condition, explore your treatment options, and recommend the best course of action. This will often be based on the unique circumstances surrounding your case.

They may suggest surgical or non-surgical procedures and other minimally invasive treatment options. They recommend; you choose what you’re most comfortable with.

Does adenomyosis go away?

Since adenomyosis lives in sync with a woman’s reproductive hormones, it tends to go away after menopause.

If your symptoms are severe and you cannot imagine having a hysterectomy, it’s better to use treatment options daily to live with the condition up till it goes away by itself.

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Living with adenomyosis

Aside from pregnancy and conception, there are periods to worry about while living with this condition. It often causes heavy, painful periods, so taking ibuprofen before and during your period can help.

Other home remedies, such as heating pads and warm baths, can also offer you some relief. Hormonal medications can minimize bleeding and pain.

If your symptoms are very severe and medications seem to be in vain, your adenomyosis specialist may recommend a hysterectomy.

Bottom line

Adenomyosis can make it difficult to get pregnant, and when you do, there is a risk of pregnancy complications. Ensure you speak with a healthcare provider near you to assess your treatment options.

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