It’s never too late to get an education, regardless of what you might think. While you may imagine teenagers going off to school with their backpacks, the reality is that education has become accessible to those of all ages. Going back to school in your 40’s can positively impact your life in many ways, opening you up to a variety of new opportunities. After all, you’ve still got at least twenty years until you retire, so why not spend them doing something you love?

Why You Should Go Back to School in Your 40’s

Here are some reasons you should go back to school in your 40’s (or even later!).

You can do it from home

Going to school no longer requires you to attend classes, lectures, and exams physically. Reputable schools like the University of Virginia now offer a vast range of programs online at That means not only can you do all your classes from the comfort of your home, but also at your own pace and schedule. You may want to continue working your day job while obtaining your new degree, and online education allows you to do that.

You don’t like your job

If you’re in your 40’s and don’t like your job, then it’s a good sign that it’s time for a change. If you’ve been working somewhere that has you wishing every day was Friday, you’re likely unfulfilled and unhappy in your line of work. It’s never too late to pursue your passions and work in a job that makes you excited to wake up every morning. Often people will start a career path when they are young before they know themselves, and realize down the line they don’t enjoy it. Going back to school opens the door to a whole new career path and a job that you will love.

Make more money

In your 40’s, you are likely supporting a family, paying a mortgage, and craving pleasant holidays. While that may not be the case for everyone, by your 40’s, you want a more relaxed life without living paycheck to paycheck. Your salary may have supported you while you were renting a house, or before you had kids, but it might be tight to live off as your way of life changes. Many higher paying job roles will require that applicants have a certain level of education even to apply. Going back to school will unlock new job potentials that you wouldn’t have been able to otherwise.

Keep up with the times

You may already have a degree and many years of experience under your belt, but times have changed. Everything you learned twenty years ago may now be outdated, and employers are looking for applicants with up-to-date knowledge of modern technology and applications. Going back to school will help re-educate you on how industries operate and learn some new and useful skills that will help you in your job search. You may even want to stay in the same industry, but to get a promotion, your employer requires you to upskill and take some more classes.

Going back to school in your 40’s will allow you to achieve fulfilment in your career, and who knows, you might just love it so much you’ll postpone your retirement!

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