Londoners living in the hustle and bustle of the big city, and looking for that all-important escapism, be it to start a family or simply because they’ve had enough of the bright lights and not so healthy air, are almost always heading to Surrey. And we can’t blame them at all, thanks to the commutable distance, and easy living lifestyle, Surrey is the most sought-after place to be, post-London living.


Here are five reasons why you should consider moving to Surrey if you’re looking to move out of central and commute to work:

Family Friendly Areas

Probably one of the most important factors in moving out of the big city is to accommodate a growing family. You’re not only going to be searching for more space, but chances are you’d also really like a little outdoor space and a safer, healthier space for you and your family. Areas within Surrey are extremely family-friendly, thanks to the local community and the abundance of great schools.

Healthier Lifestyle

You’re probably already aware of this, but pollution levels are dangerously high in most major cities, not only throughout the country but throughout the world. London is a particularly strong candidate for horrendous pollution levels, and it’s certainly not healthy to be surrounded by the hoards of traffic and industrial pollution. Moving out to Surrey would provide a healthier lifestyle, thanks to its cleaner air and positive attitude.

Commute is Easy

The commute from most Surrey towns, both central and more rural, is never too tasking. Trips from towns such as Guildford, Ashford and Woking all offer positive commutes, with train lines running extremely frequently through central stations like Waterloo, London Victoria and London Bridge. Journeys take as little as 24 minutes depending on location, with a maximum of around an hour in total, which considering the overall benefits of moving out of the city, we’d say is well worth the extra journey time.

Space in abundance

Previously touched on, but it’s pretty obvious that the further out of London you move, the more space you will get for your money. Properties in Surrey on the whole offer so much more for your money, due to the nature of properties being built with space in mind. Many properties have that oh so sought-after garden space and extra amenities such as off-street parking. For growing families, the opportunity to spread out and enjoy some outdoor living is almost too hard to resist!

You won’t miss out on a thing

It’s pretty common to feel a little tense and worried about moving out of London. After all, you’ve become accustomed to that way of life, and you may be worried about getting serious bouts of FOMO once you’re out of the big city. But fear not! Not only are the transport connections so strong you’re able to hop back into London in a heartbeat but living in Surrey can be as lively as you want it to be. There’s a cool bar scene, as well as Instagrammable brunch spots you can eat at til your heart’s content. There’s also a whole host of theatres and cinemas if you’re looking for entertainment.

If you’re thinking about taking the plunge and moving out to Surrey, have a fantastic selection of options for purchasing within the Surrey area, with shared ownership schemes available for first-time buyers.

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