Growing your own organic fruits and vegetables has several advantages that can eliminate the drawbacks associated with pre-packed goods; all you need is a little spare time, gardening space, and some seeds.

5 reasons why you should grow your own organic food

  1. Organic foods are better for healthy eating

Organic food contains fewer chemicals such as those used in mass agriculture, like insecticides, herbicides and preservatives. Age UK has said that people who eat plenty of fruits and vegetables are less likely to develop heart disease and certain cancers. One suggestion is to grow five different fruits and vegetables so that you can easily access fresher and healthier options.

  1. Growing your own food is therapeutic

Gardening is a great hobby that benefits the mind and the body. According to HTA, 87% of British adults believe gardens and green spaces benefit their state of mind, yet only 38% of consumers use their gardens for growing their own food. Gardening is therefore ideal for anyone who is stressed out, needs a break from office work, or simply wants to get some fresh air.

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  1. Gardening can be great exercise

A common misconception is that gardening is strictly for older people and requires no effort but HTA debunks this, as their research found that you can burn off 87 Mars bars a year by doing some light gardening for just one hour per week. It can also help improve the immune system, flexibility, decreasing stress and several other health aspects.

  1. Growing your own food means you know where it comes from

One of the most notable things about gardening is the sense of personal achievement; being able to witness the fruits of your labour not only shows dedication but also patience and responsibility. When food is mass-produced, there is sometimes a lack of care that is usually present when tending to your own produce.

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  1. It’s environmentally friendly

Being environmentally conscious is more important than ever. Food production in large quantities requires steps that are harmful to the environment. Growing organically means that toxic chemicals will not be used in your gardening process, and your carbon footprint will be significantly lower because there will be no car exhaust gases or plastic use; you can simply pick the produce from your own back garden!

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