As many of us are becoming more conscious of where our fruits and vegetables are coming from, the need to grow our own is increasing, and when it costs next to nothing to start it couldn’t be simpler to get a little green-fingered.

There’s nothing more satisfying than watching a seed grow into something tasty thanks to all your own hard work and effort after all fruit and veg never tastes better than when it’s fresh!

Growing Your Own

1)      Have Confidence

Many people have the misconception that growing your own is rocket science, but in essence, it could not be easier or more cost-effective. Especially with so many online Gardening Guides now at the click of a button to help ease you into the process.

Even if you’ve never grown a sunflower in your life, you can soon be starting your own plot within a day and harvesting the fruits of your labour much sooner than you may think.

2)      Choose your Space

If you don’t have any green space in your garden, then don’t fear, as gardening has become something anyone can do, whether you’re based in an urban jungle or out in the countryside.

As long as your space is sunny, and ideally southern facing, it doesn’t matter where you decide to grow your own.

Windowsills, pots on the patio or in a hanging basket, as long as there’s sunshine your fruit and vegetables will thrive into the most delicious edibles.

If you want to get a little quirky with your vegetable patch, try upcycling some old buckets, or wheelbarrows and turn them into a new home for your seedlings.

3)      Pick your Fruit & Veg

With so many varieties of fruits and vegetables for you to choose from, this can be the most overwhelming part. Of course, when you’re no expert it can feel like you don’t want to make the wrong choice and fall at the first hurdle.

It’s advised that you start with produce that is going to work well in the typical weather conditions that we have here in the UK.

As a beginner select your seeds from a reputable garden centre such as Be Garden Happy and ensure to follow the advice on the packet. Pick easy to grow options such as; salad leaves, strawberries (which are always popular with little ones), Tomatoes and Herbs.

Tomatoes are often the most popular as they’re ideal for window boxes and hanging baskets, so can make a versatile option no matter your space.

However, if you want to add some colour, Nasturtium is a vibrant edible flower that will be sure to make you feel as though you’ve grown something a little more exotic.

4)      Get a Little Dirty

Creating a nutrient-rich soil is going to be the true key in growing delicious vegetables that your friends and family are going to rave about.

Your soil should be moist enough to hold a little water, but not too wet that the water just drains out.

Once you’ve purchased your soil it’s time to fertilise it.

As fertiliser can be expensive, and sometimes jam-packed with unknown chemicals, opt instead for creating a compost heap where you can mix the soil with any food leftovers.

This will give it natural nutrients, and encourage a concoction of nutrients to grow.

Gardening is one of the oldest life skills that we have today, and once you’ve grown your first crop, you’ll be completely hooked and wonder why on earth you ever bought it from your supermarket.

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