Your home should be a sanctuary – a place that reflects who you are and that provides you with enough visual stimulation to keep you interested and in love with the environment in which you live. Interior styles change over time and some people like a minimalistic approach, but increasing numbers of people are finding that staring at simple emulsion walls is not homely or cosy. In fact, it can feel a bit cold.

We’re slowly seeing a shift from the trend of the last decade which was to minimise the number of possessions you have and to make your home look like a show home at all times. If you’ve been on Instagram lately or read an interior design magazine, you’ll have noticed that texture is becoming a big feature in homes.

From rope to crochet, people are finding ways to pique interest through various materials. Here are three ways you can add texture to your home if you’re growing tired of the same old things.

3 Ways to Add Texture to Your Home


Metal is fast becoming a must-have material within interior design. From the increase in things such as exposed steel beams through to smaller accents like copper table lamps, there are multiple ways you can bring the outside in and create warmth and depth with metal.

Ferrous metal is what you will most commonly find when metal is being incorporated into architecture as it is exceptionally strong. If you don’t live in a loft apartment or in a property where metal has already been exposed through the construction process, you may find it more difficult to incorporate things like steel.

However, you can easily add non-ferrous metals which include things like brass, copper, and aluminium. Thanks to heat treating near me, these metals become more durable and therefore can be used in a bigger variety of applications. You will find that more furniture includes these metals, be it table legs, sofa legs, shelf brackets or light shade casings.

Whichever way you choose to add metal to your home, you can rest assured that the light reflections and difference in surface texture will add unrivalled dimension to any room.

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If metal is a bit too industrial for you, think about wood. This may be slightly easier for you to add into your home because you’ll already have plenty of it, and not necessarily in the way of flat-pack furniture.

You can easily create a more rustic and homely feel simply by exposing your natural floorboards. If they’re not in the best condition or the colour you’d prefer, you can repair them, sand them down, and stain them to suit your preferences. Paired with solid wood furniture such as oak, as well as neutral colours and fabrics in the form of rugs and throws, wood is an enviable facet that can transform your house into a lived-in, cosy home.

3 Ways to Add Texture to Your Home


Bring life and texture like no other into your home with house plants. There are so many different types, allowing you to find plants that not only match your level of green thumb nature, but that can give the aesthetic you desire. If you don’t want to make any major renovations, plants are a good alternative.

You can place them on shelves on the wall to bring life to an otherwise empty corner, or you can hand them from the ceiling using eyelet hooks and macrame holders for an added boho-chic feel. If you rent your property and can’t make changes to walls or ceilings, you can easily place plants on the floor or on coffee tables, window ledges, sideboards, and countertops.

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The texture is a personal choice and can be taken to the extreme with things like exposed brick walls, but these three options offer easy, budget-friendly alternatives that will surely spruce things up and add diversity to your house if you feel it’s looking deflated and lacklustre.

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