Welcome to Day 3 of the ‘5 days to Self-Love’ Challenge! Today’s challenge is to create a Self-Love & Self-Care Practice.

Question time

How much do you truly love yourself — deeply, wholly, authentically, and beyond the superficial, ego-based definition?

The reason this question is fundamental (and perhaps the most important question you can ask) is without knowing the answer, you may live unconsciously from moment to moment. You just go through the motions without being able to awaken to the deeper significance of your choices. You fail to see and feel the energy you are broadcasting out to the world and what you are inviting into your life as a result.

Self-Love Challenge

I believe that our life’s mission is to love ourselves — to learn to love what we are. We are here to create what we love, and love what we create.

10 Questions to ask yourself about Self-Love:

  1. Do you love yourself enough to forgive yourself?
  2. Do you love yourself enough to forgive others?
  3. Do you love yourself enough to nourish your body with life-affirming nutrient-rich food (the way nature intended), or do you feed yourself processed non-foods like sugar, white bread, etc.?
  4. Do you love yourself enough to exercise your body, stretch it, build your physical resilience and strength, and continue to improve your body’s conditioning?
  5. Do you love yourself enough to feed your soul with whatever your heart intends?
  6. Do you love yourself enough to live in the moment — to forget the past and not worry so much about the future — to be truly present to the opportunity within each and every moment?
  7. Do you love yourself enough to commit to your decisions — to take action that serves your spirit with all your heart? If you want to truly go somewhere, you’ll only get halfway when only half of your heart is in it.
  8. Do you love yourself enough to consistently expand your mind, by learning new things, and continually growing your expertise about life? With more knowledge about life, you’ll have greater awareness and ability to deal with any event.
  9. Do you love yourself enough to have fun, allow your soul to be joyful, do the things you love doing, to release stress, relax your mind-body-soul, take the time to rejuvenate and re-energise?
  10. Do you love yourself enough to rest sufficiently — to sleep enough?


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