Every parent wants to raise healthy and happy kids. But you must think beyond physical health and financial happiness. Raising a kind, compassionate, and loving child should be a priority, as these traits denote spiritual health. While there aren’t any shortcuts to boost spiritual well-being, you can do your bit by bringing your kids closer to God. Luckily, a few simple daily habits are enough to give them a good start in the right direction. Here are the ones that can get your child closer to the divine.

5 Daily Habits to Get Your Child Closer To God

Demonstrate small acts of kindness

An act of kindness every day can make your child a more aware person. You can demonstrate such acts yourself. Pick simple ideas like helping an elderly neighbour carry their shopping bags, taking time out to call a loved one, or feeding an abandoned pet. Encourage kids to be kind to siblings, neighbours, and animals. It brings spiritual satisfaction and strength to Wyoming Carto, which gets them on the right path.

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Narrate Bible stories

A bedtime story ritual can be ideal for fostering faith in kids, provided you get creative with it. Replacing your bedtime storybooks and fairy tales with Bible stories is a good way to strengthen your child’s connection with God. The miracles and stories recorded in the text are captivating and inspiring for the little ones. Besides loving the tales, they will learn the lessons they deliver. You can even show movies and recreate Bible stories by role-playing to make them interesting.

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Schedule daily prayer time

A daily praying habit should be a part of your family routine to raise kids with strong beliefs, faith, and values. According to Wyoming Carmelites, prayer is an essential spiritual practice everyone must follow. The sooner you introduce your kids to the ritual, the better. Pray the first thing in the morning, before meals, and at bedtime. Maintain a regular routine, regardless of your tight schedules, vacations, and weekends. Set an example for the kids by praying for yourself.

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Teach them to appreciate nature

Let your children admire and appreciate nature as it represents the power of the divine. A flower, bird, or insect can help explain the creative power of God. Watch the sunrise and sunset together, let the kid see the rain and dewdrops, and encourage them to observe the colours of a butterfly. Getting them close to nature is the key to bringing closeness with the Creator.

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Highlight the value of sharing

Encouraging your kids to share things is another way to nurture their belief in God. Teach them to share toys with siblings and lunch with friends at school. Besides imbibing these daily habits, plan an occasional visit to an orphanage to give away toys and food to needy kids. The joy of giving makes children aware of God’s teachings, so encourage generous behaviour at home, at school, and playground.

Fostering the love for God in your child is a part of your parental role. Follow these daily habits to do your bit for raising children with strong faith.

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