A strong relationship with God makes you a happier person as it fulfils you emotionally and spiritually. But connecting with the Divine and consolidating the relationship takes more than praying every day and attending the Mass every Sunday. You may follow the conventional road yet be far from achieving the connection you want. Moreover, vices like dishonesty, hypocrisy, insincerity and lack of action can break the spiritual bond forever and take you in the opposite direction. Luckily, you can embrace some actions and changes to strengthen your relationship with God. Here are some actionable ways to do it.

Actionable Ways To Strengthen Your Relationship With God

Strive to please God

Building a strong bond with God is just like nurturing human relationships. Do things that please Him, and you will feel closer and connected. Pleasing Him is easy as it only requires you to be a better human being. Embrace positive actions and thoughts, serve others as much as possible, and steer clear of vices. Your conscience can be the best guide when it comes to doing the right things, so listen closely and follow it.

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Spend more time praying

Praying is perhaps the easiest way to connect with the Divine. It is like talking to God, confessing your troubles, and seeking solutions and guidance. You may also pray to thank Him for the good things in your life. Either way, praying deepens your bond with Him, so you must spend more time doing it every day. Do not wait for the right time or look for the right place, just connect and pray whenever you want.

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Steer clear of materialism

People who connect with God and build deeper connections steer clear of materialism. You can follow the life and teachings of Carmelite Monks of Wyoming as they lead a life of solitary prayer without indulging in worldly things. Give up on greed for material wealth and lust for the flesh to open the doors of spiritualism. Nurture your life with qualities like faithfulness, compassion, love, patience, and self-control. These traits will boost your relationship with God.

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Obey God’s commandments

You can go the extra mile to foster your divine bond by obeying God’s commandments because it shows your faith in His word. Know the things He forbids and avoid them. For example, you must be away from actions like lying, cheating, idolatry, adultery, and robbery. Commit to being righteous in your thoughts and deeds to build a connection with God and strengthen it.

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Set aside time to reflect

Life is hectic, and the continuous noise and activity may keep you from building a steady relationship with God. Find time to connect with Him in a quieter way by intentionally slowing down and reflecting. You can do more by reading the Bible, listening to worship music, and spending time in church. Having spiritual conversations with like-minded people also opens the doors.

Building a relationship with God should be a priority, and strengthening it over time should be a life goal. Thankfully, you can achieve both by following these simple measures and embracing them as a way of life.

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