“The love of gardening is a seed once sown that never dies.” ~ Gertrude Jekyll.

Growing and taking care of plants is a therapeutic experience. It helps you de-stress, creates a calming and serene environment, and helps lower the risk of numerous diseases. In fact, the reports of The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) state that gardening is a horticulture therapy that helps with dementia and other mental illnesses.

However, growing plants- indoors or outdoors, is not everyone’s cup of tea. You need to take care of how much light, shade, soil, and water to provide for their effective growth. Luckily you can use this guide to make gardening easier. Below are a few plants that you can easily grow in your house.

4 Best Plants You Can Grow In Your House Right Now

  • Dracaena

Dracaena is one of the popular houseplants belonging to the group of foliage plants. Features such as long and straplike leaves exhibiting cream, white and red colours add to its ornamental value. In addition to this, dracaena provides several other benefits to the homeowners, such as air purification, boosted concentration, absorbing lead, and many more.

To grow them effectively, keep young plants around 6 feet or less by cutting or trimming the top of the plant frequently. The sunlight should be medium to bright; 65 to 75°F.

  • Cannabis

Another plant that you can consider growing is cannabis. According to experts at Seed God, it has countless medical and therapeutic properties that help in relaxing and recreational purposes. But, before you begin growing cannabis, understanding the cannabis cultivation laws in your area is crucial such as how much you’re legally allowed to grow, how to care for it and what type of tool to use to harvest it, for example, cutting it with a bladeless trimmer for cannabis buds.

Typically, it is legal to grow cannabis for personal use. It includes using the plant for recreational or medical purposes, but you can not grow or carry more than 28.5 grams. Caregivers in Arizona can grow 12 plants for each patient under their care.

Plants You Can Grow In Your House Right Now

  • Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is a renowned houseplant and is used for a wide variety of reasons, including skincare, wound healing, congestion, and more. The best part about growing aloe vera is that it requires minimal care. All you have to do is re-pot aloe vera in a terracotta pot with well-drained dirt and keep it a sunny or bright place. It could be your garden, kitchen, or even bedroom with high sunlight.

As it is a desert species, you need not water it regularly. Rather, once every two weeks is more than enough.

  • Orchids

Orchids are flowering plants that you can grow to elevate the beauty of your garden and house. These vibrant flowers are also used in herbal medicine as it helps in treating Alzheimer’s and heart diseases.

These flowers require high light but not direct sunlight. It is because they bloom or grow in humid conditions. The ideal temperature for orchids is more than 50 degrees but below 85 degrees. Nevertheless, make sure to cut the rotten portions of the plant to ensure they look pretty and add to your house decor.

Houseplants to help reduce stress and boost your mood
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Wrapping It All Up

These are some plants that you can grow in your house that also provide significant benefits to your health. Additionally, they can help create a fresh and vibrant home environment. Make sure to take their utmost care to help them thrive, especially the indoor plants.

A guide to caring for houseplants
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