My love and passion for travelling

Kiran Singh

The Summer Holidays are almost here and that means it’s time to travel. Travelling hasn’t exactly been a priority for me until a couple of years ago when I realised how much I missed it and love it. Since then, we’ve travelled to India, Norway, Denmark, Zurich, France, Italy and The Netherlands. This Summer we are travelling to Norway and Germany, and then I am off on a solo trip to my beloved Paris in September. This being said; I am hoping to book a trip to Greece next year with Greece Tours.

Also read: eu261 apply to anybody (regardless of age or nationality) whose flight departs from an airport based in an EU country or whose flight arrives into an EU country and is operated by an EU airline.

passion for travelling
I took this photo on one of my travels to Norway earlier this year. This place is the border between Norway & Sweden.

“Travelling enriches your experiences and understanding of the true essence of life.”

Being a Lifestyle Coach and a Lifestyle Influencer has given me the freedom to work from anywhere in the world – all I need is my phone/laptop and internet and I am ready to go. So there are no doubt benefits to working abroad; travelling, exploring and simply live life fully ♡

Apart from getting away from the hustle of daily life, research has shown that travelling has various health benefits:

  • It makes you healthier
  • It relieves stress
  • It enhances your creativity
  • It boosts happiness and satisfaction
  • It lowers the risk of depression

I must admit though; nothing helps you rediscover yourself and enjoy the beauty of the world quite like a well-planned vacation and as already mentioned; exploring the world can enhance your well-being which can be quite intriguing, surprising even. A well-planned trip, of course, comes with what you bring along and how you do it; a good suitcase, handbag, travel organisers, in-flight kit and more.

Passion for Travelling
These absolutely gorgeous travel organisers by Beautify make your packing super easy and not to mention organised. They’ve got a velvet feel with rose gold zippers – very glam and stylish! The mesh pouches are particularly useful for clothing as the breathable netting won’t harbour odours, while the pouches can be used for accessories such as jewellery, hairbrushes, underwear and swimwear. And finally, there’s a shoe bag – for keeping dirty soles away from the rest of your stuff.

Now, more than ever, whatever I do, I do it with intention, this goes for travelling as well. For me, travelling (especially alone), is a form of self-love and self-care – and I enjoy it fully – maybe because I am more settled in my life? Maybe because I have grown and evolved? Maybe because the journey to self-discovery I’ve been on (and still am) has taught me the importance of gratitude, The Mindful Life, The Art of Simple Living. There are loads of maybe’s here and that’s OK. I guess once you find your inner peace, you accept yourself for who you are and your life as it is – a whole new life starts.

My aim during my travels is to reconnect with myself, do some journaling, clear my mind, get clarity over what I want in my life for the rest of 2019 and most importantly; fall in love with life and learn to live again!

PS. I am of course taking my laptop, tablet, diary and journal with me – to work, blog, be creative etc. You see, sometimes we all need a change of scenery to get inspired, reconnect, empowered to reflect, plan and see things from a different perspective.

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