If you’ve been in a relationship for a while, you might find that the spark has dulled a little. That’s not to say you don’t love one another, but when you’re busy, perhaps there are kids now, you’ve got work, and all in all you are just pretty tired from everything you need to do, making an effort to spend time with one another as a couple can be difficult. That’s why date nights are such great ideas! Take just one night each month and go out like you used to. It will soon ignite the spark, plus it gives you something to look forward to weekly. If you want your date night to be perfect, here are some useful tips.

Date Night

Something You’ll Both Enjoy

Perhaps one of the most important elements of planning the perfect date night is choosing something to do that you are both going to enjoy. If you pick something that your partner will love but that you will find boring, or that you really want to do but your partner will hate, then by the end of the evening, neither of you will be happy. To clarify this confusion, you should take a love language test with your partner. It will allow you to understand what sort of love language they like. It could be acts of service, receiving gifts, or spending quality time. The test results shall help you decide on an activity you both shall enjoy together while also considering each other’s love language.

Think about something you can enjoy together, and you’ll have a much more pleasant evening. There are so many different events you can go to, for example, you just need to look at ticketsales.com for ideas.

Phone Free

Many people are at least a little addicted to their smartphones, and some are completely obsessed. When you’re on a date, even if it’s with a partner you have known for a long time, etiquette dictates that you should turn the phone off and not even think about checking it while you’re out together.

You can take it with you of course; you’ll need it to call a cab, or for emergencies, but switch it off and keep it in a bag or pocket where you can’t scroll through your social media feeds every five minutes. It’s taking time away from being with your partner, and the only thing you’re going to miss out on is a great date night.

Make A Plan

Having a plan in mind is a good idea when heading out on a date night. You might have tickets booked for a show or event as mentioned above, so you need to keep the time that it starts in mind and you can plan the rest of your date around it. Have dinner, go for drinks, see the show, and have a plan for afterwards too in case you have time to spare. A walk in the park, for example, can be very romantic.

Don’t be too prescriptive though. Not only will you take the fun out of the evening, but you’ll be stressed and possibly try to fit in too much. Have one anchoring event like dinner or a show and the rest can be more fluid.

Don’t Stay In

The idea of planning a romantic night in, can appeal. After all, there is a lot more involved when you head out somewhere such as babysitters, transport, and dressing up for the night. However, even though you do need to think about it more, going out is a much better idea than staying in. No matter what you plan for home, there is always the risk that you will fall back into old routines, going to bed at separate times, falling asleep in front of the TV, or arguing over the washing up.

Going out and doing something different will be more memorable, and more romantic.

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