Breast augmentation is among the most common cosmetic procedures around the world. Women who want to improve their breast size or make them symmetrical choose to undergo surgery. While many breast cancer patients also pick breast augmentation as reconstructive surgery to feel more confident in their bodies. But in most cases, it is only used as a cosmetic treatment than a reconstructive approach. Many factors drive your decision towards the procedure. This article discusses the elements that affect your decision and the right candidate for breast augmentation abscission.

Who is the right candidate for breast augmentation surgery

Are you the right candidate for the bust implant procedure?

Breast enhancement surgery, also known as silicone implant procedure, is famous among women for getting the desired upper body type, as opined by breast augmentation surgeon, Dr. Antell. He also discussed how people confuse breast enhancement and breast lift for being the same. However, they are both made to address separate issues related to the bust. You should pick a bust implant surgery if you want to:

  • To increase the volume: Sudden weight loss, pregnancy, and age can reduce the breast volume. You may find the breasts looking small or flat. So, if you want to make them appear fuller and round, you should choose implants. It will help in giving the desired appearance to your upper body.
  • To increase the breast size: Augmentation is a globally accepted cosmetic procedure because many women worldwide are unhappy with their breast size. Some women may experience asymmetrical bust size. The silicone implant procedure can help you get larger busts and address the problem of an asymmetrical-looking chest.

If you want to address any of the two issues, consider breast implant surgery. However, in many cases, depending on other issues in your bust, such as sagging, nipple repositioning, etc., you can also combine breast lift and augmentation surgeries. It will cost you less and save recovery time.

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Other factors in determining your eligibility for the procedure are:

  • Your physical health: you must be physically fit and healthy. You should not be obese or have any ailment. The surgery is invasive and involves the incision of general anaesthetics. Therefore, your physical health must be in good condition. The doctors may decline the surgery option if he finds any issues.
  • Pregnancy or Breastfeeding: You should not consider getting implants if you are pregnant or in the breastfeeding phase. Your body undergoes several hormonal changes that 581affect your bust’s look, size, volume, and symmetry. Hence, your surgeon will deny conducting the surgery.
  • You have fully developed breasts: The FDA has passed a recommendation to wait until 22 years of age to undergo the implants procedure. However, you can do it before that too on an off-label basis, but the surgeons ensure that you have a fully developed bust and the size has not changed in the past couple of years.
  • Set realistic expectations: Your expectation of the procedure should be realistic. The result depends on the surgeon’s capabilities, your body’s acceptability of the outsider agent, etc. The best way to set realistic expectations is to discuss with a board-certified surgeon to understand the limitations thoroughly.
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Wrapping up

Getting under the knife to get the desired look is common among people. They spend a lot of money on getting cosmetic surgeries. But there are several things that you must keep in mind before picking any surgery for yourself. Your physical health plays a vital role if you want a cosmetic procedure.

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