In the United States, 30% of the water used every day by a family of four goes outside.

The water used for irrigation disappears due to overwatering and evaporation. There are other methods that you can use to prevent this waste. One of those is a french drain, which begs the question, what is a french drain?

French drains have been around for a very long time, used all over the world.

What Is a French Drain and Other Irrigation Methods

What Is a French Drain?

A french drain is a trench filled with rocks that allows water to flow away from one area and into another. Modern french drains have pipes in them with holes so that the water leaks out along the way. The rocks then don’t absorb the water, the soil around the french drain does.

Now you know the answer to what is a French drain.

French drains get rid of standing water and prevent damage to foundations. Using them to distribute water around the yard is how they accomplish this. There are other, better irrigation methods to consider as well.

What Is a French Drain and Other Irrigation Methods

Drip Irrigation

The best types of irrigation for yard and garden irrigation are drip irrigation. This involves running a line or hose through a garden or the yard. That hose has tiny holes in it, allowing a small amount of water out.

The benefit of drip irrigation is that it doesn’t wastewater. The small amount of water that seeps out is enough for the plants. It also releases the water low, often under plant cover so the water doesn’t evaporate.

You can see how this is superior to lawn sprinklers.

The downside to drip irrigation is that it can be expensive. The most expensive part is the installation of the drip system. Running the line through a yard and a garden can end up costing quite a bit.

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A swale, or valley, is a trench that doesn’t contain a pipe in it like a french drain. It works to remove water from one area and move it to another. Often this is the drainage for rainwater, but you can use it to divert that water.

Diverting this water gives you a ready supply of usable water. This water can then irrigate a garden or water feature. This is a great cost-saving measure because the water would go to waste overwise, and rain is free.

The best way to use valleys is to have a catch where the rainwater is collected. This water can then be transported. If you try to use a valley for direct lawn irrigation it can provide too much water.

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Lawn Maintenance

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Irrigating Your Lawn

What is a french drain, how do I get better irrigation, how can my lawn look better? These are all questions homeowners ask themselves every day. Now that you know the answer to some of these questions, keep working on getting the greenest lawn possible.

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