Dearest Reader, the time has come to announce the launch of a new collection designed and created by GJohns Architectural Ironmongers. In line with the season two launch of the popular Netflix series, Bridgerton, which arrived on our screens Friday, March 25th. We can now introduce this Regency inspired hardware into our own homes, with regencycore being at the heart and soul of this collection.

GJohns & Sons Launches New Bridgerton Inspired Hardware Collection In line with the Launch of Season 2, Now Available to Buy

The interior experts at GJohns Architectural Ironmongers truly appreciate regency interior, offering a collection featuring a range of opulent Traditional English Made Ironmongery that is available to buy for our homes, giving us Regency period extravagance. With this range we can now embrace the full Bridgerton aesthetic down to the finer details, from doorknobs to cabinet hardware, numerals, letters, door stops, and letter plates/interior flaps.

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The range is made to order, offering 27 luxurious finishes, from marbled or aged brass and dark bronze to distressed nickel and dark bronze metal antiques. The first of its kind, this is a bespoke made product, so it’s a case of contacting GJohns directly to place your order, made exclusively for you. The designs fit and adapt to any door, cabinet, or unit you have in your home adding the regal charm and decadence you desire when transforming your home or upcycling furniture.

Leaving nothing to chance, this collection is so versatile that the 27 variations of luxury finishes that make up the Bridgerton Collection mean the range of Traditional English Made Ironmongery can adapt to any home, with any interior colour scheme. The result opens up the idea of combining the modern-day aesthetic with a regency finish, which is undeniably Bridgerton.

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Get the Bridgerton look

“We wanted to transform the conventions of interior design in 2022, embracing the extravagance of the Regency period whilst providing the additional luxurious finishes, combining regencycore with the modern-day aesthetic. By doing this, we are giving you the opportunity to introduce decadence in an array of finishes that will complement any home, with any interior scheme. Whilst providing the means to introduce the full, opulent, Regency period into our homes, we have developed this collection in such a way that there really is something for everyone, from the moment you call GJohns, to installation, the Bridgerton collection really is something special, this range is traditional ironmongery made in England, by some of the best craftsmen in the trade, and we are excited to launch this in March 2022.”

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Bridgerton Inspired Hardware Collection

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Bridgerton Inspired Hardware Collection
Bridgerton Inspired Hardware Collection

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