Thanksgiving is among the most exciting times of the year. It gives you the chance to spend some quality time with your near and dear ones. Whether you live with your parents or away from them, ‘turkey day’ brings everyone closer.

It is amongst the most celebrated events in Philadelphia and the other US and Canadian states. With the ever-increasing options for celebrating occasions, you can now enhance the festivities and make them more memorable.

We bring together a checklist of the things consisting of unique and classic family thanksgiving ideas.

Unique ideas to celebrate Thanksgiving 2022

Get customized clothes for the family

Thanksgiving is all about being appreciative of the things you have, your life, and the people you surround yourself with. So, getting custom hoodies and tee shirts for your family is a great idea.

You can get custom hoodies in Philadelphia in many online stores. Family members bring their family names printed on the hoodies or make Theme based tee-shirts to enjoy the occasion.

It can also be an excellent artefact to give to your closest friends. Send them home with party favours consisting of a personally customized clothing item.

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Serve traditional thanksgiving food

Let’s be honest! Food accentuates the essence of festivities like none other. Since turkey day is a formal occasion that Americans enjoy every year, serving traditional thanksgiving dishes will make it feel more authentic.

Earlier, pilgrims had different delicacies than we have today. Their feast was full of local fowl, wild turkey, seasonal harvest, etc. However, today, the menu is a lot different.

You can include the following in your dinner menu:

  • Oven-roasted turkey
  • Mashed or baked potatoes
  • Gravy turkey
  • Stuffed turkey with authentic fillings
  • Seasonal vegetable dish with corn and green beans
  • Pumpkin pie and more.

You have the freedom to experiment with the menu but ensure to add some authentic meals to keep the festive essence intact.

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Start a volunteering ritual

It is the season for giving, so before beginning to take over the kitchen, spread some holiday cheer in your surroundings. This Thanksgiving, you can start a volunteering ritual with your kids and friends,

Enrol in local organizations such as shelters, food banks, nursing homes, blind homes, and more. Many people also indulge in crowdsourcing initiatives to fund different social causes.

If you cannot find any volunteering opportunities, you can search for them online and participate in them. Beginning the ritual will encourage others to serve the community.

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Play thanksgiving games

Festivities bring fun and ecstasy to our lives. So, this year, let’s add to the excitement by indulging in thanksgiving games. They are a great way to bond better with your friends and family.

It gives the younger ones a good chance to laugh, learn, and act. At the same time, the elders can refresh their childhood memories.

You can include the following games:

  • Pumpkin twister
  • Turkey balloon game
  • Thanksgiving bingo
  • Gratitude games
  • Board games and more.

Mix and match the games according to your guest list and ensure you have some soft drinks and snacks while playing them.

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Wrapping up

Let your kids know the real meaning of Thanksgiving. Bond with them, spend time with your family and go the extra mile to fill the celebrations with love. There are various ways to make it a special one for your family.

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