False accusations are the worst nightmare. While there is no reason for anyone to accuse the other person falsely, at times, some people try to act smart. They wrongfully accuse someone of taking revenge or drawing out money from them. No matter the case, a false allegation can be devastating, especially for the person going through it.

It is equally devastating for you if your partner has been charged with a wrong sexual crime. When you know your partner is right and is going through a tough time because of someone else’s wrongful deeds, you have to keep calm. This article mentions some tips on how you can help your partner get through the procedure without losing his confidence and credibility in his eyes.

Things to do when your partner is falsely accused of a sexual crime

What should you first do when you find out about the false allegations?

  • Keep your calm

It is critical to understand that keeping your calm is essential to making the right decisions. When your partner has a false allegation of any sexual crime, it can take a toll on their physical, mental, and emotional health. You want to defend them and prove their innocence, But first, you need to understand how taking decisions in a rush can backfire on you and further worsen the case if you see your partner feeling helpless and not in the right state of mind. The best is to get yourself together and motivate him to fight back responsibly is the best. Make him believe that you are with him regardless of the situation.

  • Hire an experienced ‘defence’ attorney

Once you are calm and centred, the next step is to connect with an experienced lawyer to fight your case and defend your partner from all the allegations. Talk to your partner and make him understand his importance and active engagement in the case. Together you can talk to a renowned sex crime law firm and discuss the issue. The sex crime specialists gather evidence and make your case strong. They represent you and allow you to put your thoughts forward in the case. Hiring an attorney is so important that you should not even answer any public or police questions without your lawyer.

Some people also delay hiring an attorney, thinking they can defend themselves independently. The legal dimension is vast; there are several things that the claimant party uses to prove your guilt. Hence, it would help if you had an experienced lawyer.

  • Understand and educate yourself

Understanding the proceedings and how the little things happen is very important. You should be involved in the case and understand every bit of it. When a team of lawyers tells you to do a certain thing, you must ask and thoroughly understand the why behind it. The main objective of defending your partner should not let you blindly follow everything. Instead, it would help if you were more open about asking questions and getting clarification.

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What can you do to make your partner feel loved and supported at home?

It is common for people fighting a case to defend their character to feel unloved, irritated, and have an inferiority complex. So, you need to ensure that he feels love and support from his family. Little gestures mean a lot to someone going through a tough time. Here is what you can do;

  • Spend quality time together

No matter what the situation is, always make time for your partner. Talk to him, be there for him. The quality time where it is you and your partner may be doing something he loves like painting, listening to music, or just gazing at the stars. He needs to know that things are fine; you both are together in it and walk out free soon.

  • Offer him ears

Often, we make a mistake by offering our mouths and spilling out our thoughts. But in such situations, it is better to provide an ear to your partner. They may have hundreds of things on their mind about themselves, their future, the effect on their relationships, etc. it is essential to listen to them and let them pour their heart out.

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Wrapping up

Going through a false sexual assault case is catastrophic. You, as a partner, have a lot of responsibility during such times. Your legal attorney will fight back and represent your case well with your cooperation. You need to relax and energize yourself for what’s coming next. From taking care of your partner to being active in the case, there is a lot on your plate. So, better not forget to care for yourself while doing it for others.

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