A large percentage of senior citizens live in nursing homes. Unfortunately, some of these seniors suffer abuse in assisted living facilities. The people expected to care for them are the same ones who abuse them; only a tiny percentage of the cases are reported. If your loved one is facing abuse in a nursing home, it is crucial to know the right steps to undertake. However, before that, you should know the different kinds of nursing home abuse to know the right steps to take. We have compiled several types of abuse in nursing homes that seniors face and the right actions to take.

Before we look at these types, understand that nursing home abuse takes many forms and different people commit the crime. In most cases, the staff in these homes commit these heinous acts. Other people who may harm seniors include the administrators, residents, and even family members. No type of abuse is acceptable. Therefore, if your loved one is facing any of the following abuses, ensure you get the right help.

Understand These 7 Types of Nursing Home Abuse before Hiring a Lawyer

Sexual Assault

Seniors also suffer sexual abuse in nursing facilities. Sexual assault involves more than forced sexual intercourse. Other things considered sexual assault include groping, oral intercourse, nude pictures, and others. You may notice signs of sexual abuse, bruises around the genital area, STIs, or unusual blood stains on clothes. Unfortunately, this kind of abuse happens to disabled residents or those who cannot give permission.

Physical Abuse

This kind of abuse happens when a senior is physically injured or harmed. Many staff even confess to abusing seniors during their facility stay physically. Physical abuse includes pushing, kicking, punching, and restraining with ropes. You may notice physical abuse with bleeding, broken bones, or bruises. Unfortunately, seniors with dementia or Alzheimer’s are the most abused in these facilities. Such abuse can result in death or severe injuries if not addressed. Therefore, if you notice your loved one has been physically abused by the staff or anyone in the facility, get a nursing home abuse attorney to help you. The professional will help you get justice and medical attention for your dear one.


A large number of seniors also suffer neglect in some nursing homes. Neglect is the lack of providing necessities to the seniors to help them get better and live comfortably in the home. Some signs of neglect include unreported injuries, no regular baths, bedsores, wrongly administered medications, and unaddressed complaints. Therefore, hire a lawyer if you think your senior loved one is facing neglect in the nursing home.

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Seniors need the right food to keep them healthy and strong. Lack of food leads to malnutrition, which results in other health issues. You can notice malnutrition from irritability, lost muscle mass, weight loss, and even death. Observe your loved one’s care and take them through checkups to know if they suffer from malnutrition. You can then seek help from an attorney to get justice.

Financial Abuse

This abuse is also common in nursing homes. The perpetrator may want to acquire money from the elderly by stealing or manipulating them. Such acts include manipulating the attorney power, prohibiting the resident from accessing their bank account, stealing their cash and valuables, or stealing their bank statements. Most seniors lose money meant to take care of themselves and their families in this way.

Emotional or Psychological Abuse

Psychological abuse is also common in nursing homes. The staff tends to threaten and verbally abuse the residents, primarily due to their condition. Psychological abuse includes threats, isolation from family and friends, insulting the senior, and controlling their activities. The worst thing about emotional abuse is that it deteriorates the condition of the seniors such that they develop mental issues like anxiety, depression, and PTSD.


Like neglect, abandonment happens when a staff member leaves a senior alone when they need care like feeding, bathing, or company. Since the elderly in the nursing homes cannot depend on themselves, they need someone to look after them and help them with activities like eating, hygiene, medicine, etc. So, if a person assigned to do the work fails, this is considered abandonment.

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The Takeaway!

These are different kinds of nursing home abuse that seniors suffer. If you suspect your elderly loved one is facing any of them, seek the right help and remove them from the facility. Recognizing abuse can help you protect your loved ones and seek justice. Therefore, contact an experienced nursing home abuse lawyer to help you recognize abuse and take you through the process of seeking justice.

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