Prom nights are relished and often anticipated by high school students worldwide. It’s a special night, one to celebrate hard-fought achievements, socialize, and have fun.

While prom nights are a fun and thrilling experience, you’d agree that preparing for the big day can be stressful, especially for newbies. Lucky for you, we have created a guide to help you prepare for the big night.

The Ultimate Prom Guide How to Prepare for the Big Night

Search for a good prom outfit

Want to make heads turn on your big night? The first thing to do is get a good outfit. However, to do that, you need to get an idea of what you want.

You can do that by checking out prom dress designs in magazines or online. Next, visit the local department stores or nearby boutiques and try some things on. If you are an online shopper, we recommend ordering your outfit early, so you have enough time to exchange, alter, or get another size if required.

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Book necessary appointments

Hiring professionals is the best way to look chic and inviting on your prom night. However, you must book appointments with all professionals (hair stylists, makeup artists, and nail artists) early. If you don’t, there is a huge chance they might be occupied when the big night draws near.

You should also book other professional services you may need for the night of your prom. Contact the photographer early on, a limo or party bus (if you intend to rent a party bus Montreal, for example), so you can cruise to your school in style. Plus, you should also consider making a dinner reservation if your prom isn’t offering food.

Buy your tickets

Your prom plans become a waste if you cannot enter the venue. Thus, ensure you purchase your ticket on time. The earlier you do so, the better, as prom ticket prices tend to soar as the big event approaches.

Make post-prom preparations

The celebrations don’t end with prom, does it? It does for some, but for others; it doesn’t. If you love the idea of a post-prom celebration, there are lots of options to select from.

You can head to a beach house to continue your celebration while enjoying the sunshine. Or you can rent a lovely Airbnb the weekend after prom.

Alternatively, you visit someone’s basement for a game night or sleepover. There are many thrilling ideas to consider. However, we advise that you talk with your group to determine the best option.

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Get enough rest

The thought of prom and the excitement it holds might make it hard to shut your eyes and get some good night’s sleep. But that isn’t a valid excuse to skimp on your sleep. You need it to enjoy the party. So ensure you get rid of all distractions and try to rest.

Pack your purse, and don’t forget your ticket

Do you plan on bringing a small clutch to the prom? Ensure you pack it early, so you don’t forget anything. Bring your ID, ticket, a pack of tissues, lipstick, mints, a spare tampon, and other things you’ll need to enjoy the big night.

Smell nice

There are many ways to make a first impression at a prom night; one of them is by putting on a refreshing deodorant. You don’t want to reek of sweat after dancing, socializing, and engaging in other exciting activities. Trust us, everyone around you will be glad you put on deodorant, including yourself.

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Try your shoes on before the night

Before prom, try to get familiar with your shoes. You can walk around with them before the night to avoid blisters and pain that can spoil your special night.

If you intend on putting on new shoes, it’s essential you prioritize this tip. In the end, during the dancing marathon, you’ll be glad you tried out your shoes before prom.

Pack a bag

Do you have any post-prom plans in place? If you plan to visit a beach house or a friend’s place during the weekend, you must get your overnight bag ready. Don’t wait until after prom.

You may not have enough time to pack appropriately. During the haste, you might forget something important. So utilize the time before prom to get your overnight bag in order. You’ll be glad you did.

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Planning is vital to a successful and memorable prom night. Don’t wait for the dying minutes to put your plans in place so you can restrategize when something doesn’t go as planned.

Buy your clothes early. Schedule meetings with necessary professionals early. The earlier you prepare, the better for you.

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