Hair damage caused by defective hair products can be a frustrating and stressful experience. When defective products damage your hair, it can be frustrating and disheartening. While we expect that the hair products we use will improve the health and appearance of our hair, they can cause significant side effects instead.

There are a few unplanned things that can happen, such as cancer and hair loss, when you accidentally use defective products on your hair and hence the need to know what to do when such situations happen.

What to Do When Hair Is Damaged From Defective Products

Using a Deep Conditioning Treatment

Deep conditioning treatment is one of the best ways to apply in taking care of your hair or at least trying to bring it to where it should be after damage. If you’re not already using a deep conditioner in your weekly hair care routine, then you are already missing a lot. Deep conditioning treatments help solve hair damage like dryness, split ends, and breakage. Many of the deep conditioning treatments contain ingredients that are nourishing to hair, e.g., proteins and collagen peptides. The ingredients help strengthen hair and protect it against future damage.

Use of Shampoo and Conditioner

Shampoos are used to wash hair, so it becomes healthy. But it is not just that since shampoos are also used on damaged hair to offer healing effects. A hair conditioner would help you straighten your hair in an easy manner from the inside by reinforcing weak hair bonds. Shampoo and Conditioner both use citric acid to penetrate inside and rebuild weak hair bonds. As this happens, the trio helps to shield hair from future styling and colouring damage. You need to apply the pre-shampoo treatment. This should be left for about five to ten minutes before washing, after which you will be ready to apply your hair with the shampoo.

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Washing Your Hair in Lukewarm Water

People love hot and steamy water. However, they forget that hot and steamy showers can burn your already affected hair, which might even burn your skull. Therefore, you need to use more temperature-controlled water to clean and moisten your hair. Super-hot water strips on your hair may cause essential oils to dry, making it feel even drier while prematurely fading your hair colour. You, therefore, need to rinse your hair in lukewarm water the next time you wash it. Be assured that the procedure will be very therapeutic and bring a much better effect on your hair.

File a Product Liability Lawsuit

Using a defective hair relaxer continuously elevates your risk of suffering from cancer. When you happen to get cancer or harm from a defective hair product, you need to file a product liability lawsuit against the product manufacturer, the product distributor, and even the seller. You may need to seek compensation for damages such as pain and suffering, medical expenses, as well as lost wages. You will need to consider hair relaxer legal services to help you navigate through the legal process as well as negotiate with the insurance companies. As you file a product liability lawsuit, you will need to prove that the product was defective and that the defect caused you cancer or that your hair was damaged by law.

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Use a Wide Tooth Comb in place of Your Hairbrush

A hairbrush has tangles and you will use aggressive tugging motions which can lead to serious hair breakage. This has been experienced before for dry hair, and it’s especially true for wet hair. Because of this, it’s crucial to opt for a wide-tooth comb rather than brush when your air is soaking wet, as the wide spaces between the teeth can smooth your hair with very less tugging and friction. You need to remove the knots before shampooing if your hair is prone to tangles, so it’s easier to comb when wet.

Get a Haircut

A fresh start is one of the most important solutions to some life problems. Your damaged hair may also need a fresh start. You are therefore advised to consider a haircut. This is the surest way of dealing with severe hair breakage. Therefore, a haircut is the only way to avoid breakage creeping further up your hair to the roots. As long hair is gorgeous, trendy short styles like the messy lob and the box are appealing. You need to use it to experiment with a new hairstyle.

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Sleep on a Silk or Satin Pillowcase

Friction and tugging from brushing your hair can lead to breakage, which means if you’re a rough sleeper, friction between your hair and your cotton pillowcase can also lead to breakage. A silk or satin pillowcase has a soft, slinky finish that’s gentler on the hair, resulting in fewer tangles and less frizz when you wake up. It also helps with moisture retention, whereas cotton can extract the necessary oils to moisturize the hair.


Fear and panic should not be in your dictionary should your hair be affected by defective products. The above range of solutions will help you keep tight about your hair. Be careful about the products you choose to use, and use products as instructed. Know the kind of texture your hair has and be kind to it by using what works best. Avoid the pressure of wanting to look like everyone else and embrace hairstyles that care for your hair.

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