You have been planning this trip for quite a while, it’s finally an all-girls trip to a tropical, warm-weather destination. You have booked your tickets already, mapped out a few places to see with your girls as well, but you still have to pack. No matter how much we plan, we always forget to pack something essential. Every outfit needs to be decided with scrutiny because obviously, how else will you have the perfect vacation? Whether you want to laze around on the beach or want to go explore the culture of that city, this list has got your vacation wardrobe covered.

A swimsuit

If you are going anywhere near to the beach, then you must definitely pack a swimsuit. Get ready for laying around and catching some rays while looking quirky and cute in unique swimsuits. The best part about swimwear is that it barely takes up any space in your bag, so why not pack two or three different kinds of swimwear? Take a bikini for lounging around near the beach and a one-piece for when you feel you want to do some serious swimming.

Six Top Things To Pack When Going For A Tropical Destination


Sunglasses will be a blessing in disguise once you realize how hot a tropical vacation can actually get. Use polarized sunglasses to help protect your eyes. Opt for a sporty pair if you’re in the mood of playing some beach volleyball in the daytime or just a pair of oversized glasses for making a fashion statement.

Six Top Things To Pack When Going For A Tropical Destination


You will definitely not be roaming around every day without going to a fancy place at least once. It is always recommended to carry at least one pair of heels for any vacation. Tons of pages such as JustFab’s Instagram have posted vacation outfit inspiration ideas. For a fancy night out, pair your heels with a nice little black dress.


Even if you don’t feel like going to the beach and are in the mood to explore, it is always important to have sunscreen with you. The sun rays in such areas are often quite harmful if dealt with for a long time without any sunscreen. In the future, you would be grateful for remembering to put on some sunscreen before you go out every single day.

Crop top and shorts

A cute crop top can look extremely well paired with shorts for a fun and energetic day outside exploring this tropical destination. They can be equally comfortable for lounging around in the hotel all day long, or even the beach. You can always pair shorts with multiple tops to have a new and cute look every day.

Six Top Things To Pack When Going For A Tropical Destination

A hat

A hat shall not only protect you from the harsh heat during your vacation but will also look great paired up with a vibrant summer dress. It offers eye protection from the sun as well as protecting your face.

It’s easy to get a little too excited about our vacation and forget certain essential items. Use this list to help you pack for your next tropical destination and vacation in style.

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