If you have a family, you’ll know all too well how stir-crazy being cooped up over the winter months can make everyone. Now that the end of winter is getting closer by the day, you might be wondering how you can encourage your family to get outside more often. Not only is getting out good for exercise and fresh air but having more time in the sun can put you in a better mood. Whatever your reason for wanting your family to be out and about more, let’s take a look at some exciting things you can plan.

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Plan a backyard camping night

If you don’t have much money to spare, or you simply can’t venture too far from your home right now, then a backyard camping night might just be what everyone needs. You could set up a couple of tents with a fire in the middle, where you and your family can roast marshmallows and enjoy each other’s company. The invites don’t have to only extend to your household either; why not invite cousins, nephews, nieces, or even the neighbours to get involved too? It’s a great way of connecting away from screens and other distractions.

4 Ways to Enjoy the Outdoors With Your Family

Check out local hiking trails

One of the best ways of getting outdoors and making the most of it is by going hiking. Research to see if there are any hiking trails in your area – and make a day of it! You could begin by waking up really early so that you can see the sunrise and then spend the day walking. All you need are some comfortable shoes, a picnic, and plenty of refreshments. Going back to the idea of camping, why not pack a tent and spend the night outdoors with the ones you love the most?

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Revamp your outdoor living space

If the issue you’re facing is that everyone is always glued to their screens, then why not get everyone involved in revamping your garden? You could build a deck area and add a BBQ for those really warm days when cooking inside isn’t an option. You could also split your garden into zones where you can relax, play fun games, or even splash about in the pool. If your pool is a little outdated, you could look at pool renovations to encourage everyone to get some much-needed fun-filled activity time during the summer. Or, just a space to cool down in the summer heat.

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Host a photography competition

Finally, since technology is a big part of everyone’s lives in this day and age, why not incorporate it into some outdoor fun? If you’re on a hiking trail, for example, why not split off (in safe groups) and take the most artistic or interesting picture you can? That way, when all is said and done, you can continue the family fun by comparing pictures and crowning a winner. It will give everyone something to look forward to with each hike, and it’s a great way to encourage a passion in your children too.

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