It’s no secret that kids can be messy sometimes! You might feel like you are constantly tripping over their toys, school bags, or other items that they have left strewn about the place. While kids need to learn how to pick up after themselves, it might not be so easy to keep their bedrooms tidy if there isn’t a lot of space for storage. Below are some suggestions on how you can save space in your kid’s bedroom so that they can have a more comfortable (and hopefully less cluttered!) bedroom.

5 Ways to Save Space in Your Kid’s Bedroom

1.   Start by Decluttering

Of course, if you want any room to feel less cluttered, you need to start by getting rid of any unwanted items that are sitting around gathering dust. As your kids get older, they may lose interest in certain toys or other belongings that they played with previously. There might be some items that hold sentimental value to them, and they should get to keep these. However, do encourage your kids to let you know if there is anything they are happy to let go of, and either sell these items for extra cash if you would like to or donate them to charity.

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2.   Use Smarter Storage Solutions

You might not be able to put up a lot of shelving units and closets in your kid’s bedroom if you are short on space, but there are smarter solutions to help you still keep things tidy. These cabin beds are a good example, as the space underneath can be used as a storage area for toys and other items. You might also be able to fit a desk under there or a little bookshelf that can be useful when your child needs to do some homework.

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3.   Avoid Bulky Furniture

Another way to make more space in your child’s bedroom is to avoid buying bulky furniture to put in there. There are a lot of sleeker designs you can choose from available on the market and they can look incredibly stylish, too. These compact furniture items should help to make the room feel less cramped and should offer more floor space, too.

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4.   Use Another Room as Their Playroom

This won’t be a suitable solution for everyone, but if you do have a spare room in your house that you could use as a separate playroom, it could help. Having their toys and other belongings stored in this area can help to keep their bedroom more spacious, even if this is just a temporary solution until you move or need that room for another purpose in the future.

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5.   Use Wall Space Instead of Floorspace

You might also find that putting up wall shelves and hooks can help to keep your child’s bedroom tidier without taking up a lot of floor space. This will help make the room feel bigger, and can also look aesthetically pleasing if you place these in the right spots around the room.

If you want to create more space in your child’s bedroom, consider these tips and see if they can help you do this.

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