The way you dress and portray yourself to others is usually a reflection of your personality, or how you’re feeling that day. Changing up your personal style is a fun and exciting thing to do, especially if you enjoy getting creative with new trends, accessories, hairstyles and more. Whether you’re usually rocking a casual style, or you’re always bang on trend, there is something refreshing about making tweaks and adjustments to how you dress and accessorize. Consider some of the following subtle ways that you can change up your personal style so you can enjoy keeping your fashion choices as fresh as possible.

Subtle Ways to Change Up Your Personal Style


Piercings can come in all sorts of different shapes, styles and designs, so it’s up to you to have fun with some ideas and choose what will complement your personal style. You may want to take a look at this guide on the snug ear piercing to see if this type of option would be good for you. For many people, getting a piercing is no big deal and it’s a way for them to express their creativity. From ear piercings to belly button rings, you can use it to switch up your appearance in an instant.

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Getting a tattoo for most people would be a big decision that wouldn’t be taken lightly. A tattoo is a permanent change to your skin, so it’s important to carefully consider your options before you take the leap. With that being said tattoos can be a beautiful and creative way to express yourself, whether you’re looking at a small or big design. Speaking with an experienced tattoo artist will help you to get some inspiration so that you can make the right choice for your personal style.

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Your Haircut

Your hair is something that can easily be changed and switched up over the years, especially if you’re hoping to revamp your image. Cutting your hair shorter, getting extensions, switching up the colour and so much more can completely change the way you look and feel about yourself. Getting advice from a hairdresser will help you to explore your options and choose a style and shade that feels aligned to your personal style.

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When it comes to rocking make-up trends, you may want to take note of what’s hot at the moment. With that being said, you should never feel forced to follow the crowd and try something that doesn’t feel true to your personal style. Whether you’re trying out a bold lip colour or experimenting with a new eyeshadow shade, there are so many fun methods for you to explore.

As you can see, there are so many subtle, but effective ways to impact your personal style and make a few changes. Whether you’re switching it up for an upcoming event, or you’re hoping to upgrade your style for the long haul, it’s important to enjoy the process of finding your new personal style. From piercings to make-up techniques, there is a lot of fun to be had, so make sure you enjoy the journey!

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