When you buy a piece of jewellery, you’d want to ensure that it serves you for a long time. However, there are many factors and situations that make that hard.

From reckless storage and usage, and wrong maintenance methods, to harsh chemicals and extreme temperatures, there are many factors that can degrade your accessories, lower their lifespan, and make you spend unnecessarily on replacements.

To ensure that your fashion accessories last longer, follow these 4 effective maintenance tips.

4 Effective Ways to Maintain your Fashion Accessories

  1. Make sure your jewellery dazzles

A large percentage of jewellery is made of oxidized metal, which turns black when in contact with water, perspiration, and chemicals.

So avoid wearing your jewellery when bathing or exercising. And after removing them, clean each piece with a soft cloth or tissue, so they remain radiant. If you own gold chains, clean them with warm water and dish soap.

Avoid using toothpaste as it may scratch the gold. You can use non-abrasive toothpaste to clean silver jewellery; it’s totally safe. However, ensure you wrap your jewellery in cotton or white tissue to prevent them from tarnishing.

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  1. Polish your shoes

We bet we adore the gorgeous footwear you display on your shoe rack.

Now, imagine finding dirt and stains on your shoes due to a lack of maintenance.

How would you feel? Sad, right?

We would feel the same, too.

To ensure that your shoes stay attractive and radiant, always clean them with a damp cloth after use. And when you retire them to their storages, keep them separated by wrapping them in tissue paper. Or you can separate them by keeping them in different boxes.

Also, if you have been saving multiple shoes for various occasions, try to wear them to ensure they stay fresh and free from mould.

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  1. Don’t forget your watches

Your wristwatches and chains are important fashion accessories that require proper maintenance.

You can protect your watches from rust by cleaning them with a soft cloth and storing them away from anything that might erode them, including liquids, perfume, and hairspray. Plus, don’t keep your watches on the dresser where these items are located.

Even if you own a waterproof watch, keep it away from water, as regular contact with liquid can wear out the gasket, thus reducing its resistance.

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  1. Your shades

Do you have sunglasses? If yes, we believe you cherish them and want them to last. A good way to ensure they do is to avoid cleaning them with glass cleaners. Instead, buy professional lens cleaners. They are specifically made for shades. Plus, they are effective and don’t spoil the lens.

Don’t know where to buy professional lens cleaners? No problem! You can clean your shades with a little warm water and a dash of liquid hand soap. Wipe the glasses with a soft cloth that comes with them and store them in their appropriate storage. Lastly, it’s important you don’t wipe your fashion accessories when they are dry.

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Poor maintenance will degrade your accessories, making them less attractive and prompting you to buy a replacement. To ensure that your jewellery doesn’t lose its lustre and serve you for a long time, ensure you prioritize its care and maintenance. Store them well and clean them appropriately using the right methods. Plus, keep them away from liquids.

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