Spring Update on a Budget

Kiran Singh

Spring has sprung and as the outdoors start to brighten up, it’s time to lighten up the indoors as well. Here are five easy-on-the-wallet things you can do to revitalise your decor this season:

Buy flowers

Nothing says spring like fresh tulips, Easter lilies and crocuses. Treat your home to several flower arrangements and situate them throughout the house. For the most impact, choose to place the flowers in areas where you least expect to see them (i.e. bathroom countertops, bedside tables, bookshelves, or even a springtime door wreath). When you do notice the flowers in these previously dark or empty areas, they’ll have an even bigger impact.

Spring update on a budget

Change your curtains

Let the sunshine in by changing your drapery to sheer, light-hued organza. If organza is not within your price range, any light-weight, translucent fabric will do. If you are so bold, pick one of the trend colours of the year and make a statement with your windows. The effect should be bright, light and airy.

Rotate your artwork

By changing where your pictures and artwork are situated, you change the feel and mood of a room instantly. Imagine what your living room would look like if you exchanged the landscape painting over the fireplace with a large black and white candid photo of you and the family, or moved the family photographs on the table to the stairwell wall? Without shelling out large amounts for new artwork, simply redesign your home’s personality by exchanging some key pieces. You’ll be amazed at how fresh and new it feels.

Update accent pieces

This may be the season for you to update your accent items. Consider changing your dining room table runner or centrepiece, adding a band of bright colour fabric to the edge of your throw pillows, or changing the colour of your lampshades. Start with one room and one colour at a time (i.e. pick the living room and add green accents throughout) and see where it takes you. Be confident in your colour choices. Your goal is for the room to feel as refreshed and vibrant as the outdoors.

Rearrange your furniture

This is the one big thing you can do in the springtime to make your home feel alive and new. To keep this mini-project manageable, attack one room at a time and be sure to think it through before you start – you don’t want to move that couch twice!. Key things to keep in mind when rearranging furniture:

  • Is there a more efficient way of having the furniture laid out? (i.e. if the bed were against a wall would that open up more space to access the dresser?)
  • How do you want to use the natural light that comes into the room? (i.e. do you want a reading chair by the window or a small table for flowers?)
  • Does all the furniture fit or is all the furniture in the room at the moment even required? (i.e. this may be the prime opportunity to purge old furniture items that have no purpose.)

With the sun shining again outdoors, there are plenty of decor options for you indoors. Updating one’s home decor does not have to mean breaking the bank. There’s no need for an expensive overhaul – you just need a new decorating perspective. Try to look at your home with a revived, spring-inspired imagination and let your creative side do its thing. Even small changes can make a big difference.

Creating a Soulful Home

Make Your Home More Secure

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