Saying “I do” isn’t that easy as it sounds. There is so much that needs to be looked after before, during, and after the wedding. And now that you are engaged to your special someone, you might be looking forward to planning your special day.

First things first, enjoy your time being engaged. Go on impromptu dates, kiss each other innumerable times, and go for romantic getaways as much as possible. Because this is the time, you won’t get to relive after the wedding.

Add a “Wow” factor to your wedding with these amazing ideas

Anyway, you might have certain dilemmas about planning your special day, which flowers to choose from, and how to invite the guests creatively. Right? Well, your search ends here. We’ve got some cool ideas to make your special day talk of the town.

  • Choose a chic venue.

Choosing a venue is a crucial part of planning your special day. You might be able to find the perfect dress/suit but finding a perfect venue is quite a bit of a task. From a traditional barn to an elegant ballroom, the options are endless. So, you need to make up your mind about what kind of wedding you want to have.

For example, if you want to give a traditional touch to your special day, then you can go for a natural setting such as a ranch or a backyard. Or if you want to have a fun wedding then opting for a beach for the wedding venue is certainly a cool option. According to renowned planners, with the ocean or a Gulf as a backdrop, a beach wedding is indeed a romantic setting where the couple and guests can take some fun and creative pictures together.

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  • Take time to plan the decoration.

The decoration is the one thing that plays an important role in your D-day (after food, of course.) So, you need to plan it very carefully. You can also use your imagination and go overboard with it.

For example, you can go for a Moongate arch decor and leave the guest awe-spiring for the entire wedding. Opt for flowers that connect with you and your spouse and make it much more personal. Also, you can add a whimsical touch to the cocktail hour by arranging suspended platforms for the guests to enjoy.

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  • Give a personal touch to the invitation.

Whether you go all digital or stick to traditional invitations, the way you invite your guests shows how excited you are about your special day.

If you want your invitation to stand out amongst the rest, you need to give a personal touch to it. For example, you can draft your invitation in such a way that it depicts your love story, or you can add things like a birthstone or a bottle of wine to make it much more memorable for your guests.

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Wrapping Up!

Whatever type of wedding you plan, make sure you stay true to yourself. Remember, it is all about celebrating your union with your better half; everything should be aligned in such a way that matches the personality of a couple.

So, make a list and start planning your special day as soon as possible.

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