Scandinavian style stands for simple, calm and pure expression. This makes it easy to grasp, very photogenic and ultimately, attainable for all. Focus on materials like linen, wood, stone and ceramic, go for a subtle and calming colour scheme, pairing high street objects with more expensive investment pieces. Below I share tips on how to create a Scandinavian Style Home on a Budget:

Scandinavian Style Home


Scandi-style is all about a minimalist, clean look. Set some time aside to work through all your belongings and sell anything on a site such as Gumtree that is not deemed useful or loved. Not only will you feel more organised – but your bank account will benefit too!

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Paint it white

The Scandinavian look is synonymous with looking fresh and light. For a super quick update, think about painting all your walls white or a soft pale grey.

Reflect the light

In a region, which is deprived of light for six months of the year, creating a light and airy living space is something of an obsession for Scandinavians. Use mirrors in different shapes and sizes to reflect the light into the darkest of corners.

Floor it

For a truly Scandinavian look, the wall-to-wall carpets need to go. Consider pulling them up (you never know, there might be a wood floor underneath waiting to take centre-stage!) or simply get Quick-Step Balance Click and add a mix of rugs – they can even be layered for greater coverage.

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Create a Gallery Wall

Instead of hanging just one piece of art, why not create an entire art wall? This is a way to display your art that turns the wall into a feature wall. There are many different places you can try. On the stairs, and above the bed are two of my favourites. It can be anywhere you like though, so make sure you use your imagination!

Creating a Scandinavian Style Home on a Budget

Desenio offers a wide range of stylish posters and prints showcasing the latest interior design trends. They have lots of different options, posters in various sizes from as small as 13 x 18 to large at 70 x 100 and the pricing is great too, posters from as little as £2 a print, so a very cost-effective way to decorate. The posters include for instance; typography, art prints, photographs, black and white, metallic gold and animals. The list really does go on and there is something to suit everyone’s tastes.

Set the mood

At sunset, Scandinavian homes are transformed into a cosy womb-like oasis. Add dimmer switches and plenty of candles to create a warm atmosphere.

Buy less, invest in high quality

It may not sound ‘budget-friendly’ but any Scandinavian will tell you that if you invest in classic, beautifully crafted pieces made from high-quality materials, they’ll stand the test of time – they don’t need to be expensive, it’s amazing what you can find secondhand!

Think multi-functional

Scandinavians are masters at combining form with function. Look for multitasking furniture such as sofa beds, a coffee table with built-in storage etc. It’ll mean you’ll need to invest in fewer pieces and have a more practical home to boot!

Retouch, upcycle and repurpose

Give old, tired looking pieces a new lease of life with a lick of paint, a good wax or new fabric. It’s amazing what you can find for a fraction of the price online – and with a little creativity, it could become a masterpiece. After all, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure!


Add a warm and inviting feel to the minimalist home using soft, natural textiles such as linen, wool and sheepskin to ensure your home is autumn-ready!

Bring the outdoors in

You are never far from nature in Scandinavia, which is why it plays such an important part in the home. Studies have shown that houseplants are great stress-busters and help to clean the air! For seasonal updates, go for a forage in the woods, along with the beach, in your local park – or even in the cracks between the pavement – and create vignettes with wildflowers, pinecones, and pebbles.

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