We all know that redecorating a house is not that easy. You not only have to make sure that everything follows a theme, but you have to also put in a lot of strategies for knowing where to put your new decor. Quite a few homeowners feel that this task is daunting and should be best left in the hands of expert interior designers. But did you know that by just following a few simple steps, you can also make your vision come true? We have talked to the best interior designers out there in order to get you some tips for redecorating your home.

Redecorating your home; 4 tips that don’t break the bank

Fix your first impression

The best way to make a great first impression is to set the tone right at your front door. You can try this by painting a fun colour on your front door. Something bright should be preferred so that your house looks inviting. Colours such as yellow and orange are associated with feelings of warmth and joy. Remember to get rid of an outdated screen door if you have one. You can replace this by using a storm door that has full-length glass so that your house looks a bit more modern.

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Use neutral colours for your walls

The most important thing to do while redecorating your house is to choose neutral colours for your background. If you have a big house, it can get quite messy if you want to paint it yourself. This is why you should use exterior and interior painting experts so that you do not ruin any precious furniture or fixings. Having a neutral colour on the walls such as off-white or cream will give you a ton of flexibility in terms of your theme and design. You can also switch up your decor anytime you please without having to change your walls.

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Use natural light to your advantage

The best part about any modern house is the crucial play of light when it comes to decor. Try to get in as much natural sunlight into your kitchen and your living room as you can. Even the bedrooms should have some natural light coming in. Your window dressings for your kitchen should be elegant and functional, drapes are quite outdated. You should try to get light colours that won’t fade so that sunlight comes through them as well. Silk and cotton blends tend to hang well, so they should be your first option.

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Layer your lighting strategically

There are three kinds of lighting that you can use in every room. Ambient lighting provides an overall illumination to the room, this is mostly put on ceiling fixtures. The task is a type of lighting that can usually be found over a library desk or the kitchen countertop, mostly serving functional qualities. Accent lighting is decorative, for things such as displaying your artwork. Use different combinations of these in order to properly illuminate your house so that it looks bigger and airier.

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It is important to understand basic concepts while you are redecorating your home. Use these tips to guide you on your journey.

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