A clean and tidy garden with blooming flowers is quite an accomplishment as it takes a lot of hard work to turn your garden into a colourful haven. Some people spend hours trimming, pruning and planting to make their garden look beautiful all year round. However, not everyone is green-fingered, and some of us can struggle with the garden.

That said, here are a few simple ways you can maintain your garden without spending hours outside.

Simple ways to freshen up your garden

Mow the lawn frequently

Little and often is the secret to gardening. You need to mow the lawn at least once a month to keep on top of it and remove any weeds or flowers peeking through and keep it tidy. If you neglect your lawn, it will quickly become overgrown and impossible to manage, leaving you with a big job on your hands – one you are looking to avoid! If zero maintenance is what you’re after, you could consider laying artificial grass.

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Trim path edges and remove weeds

Another small but impactful job is going around the edges of your paths with a trimmer and plucking out the weeds. A few garden power tools can make the task much more efficient, for example, you can keep a sharp divide between the path and lawn with a garden trimmer for a super neat and tidy look. If you see a weed poking through the flower beds, remove it immediately to ensure it doesn’t spread or get too big of a job. By staying on top of your weeds, you’ll avoid them overpowering your garden.

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Clean decking and patio

Investing in an air compressor means you can use it as a pressure washer to clean your decking and patio. In the winter months, your decking might start to look a little worse for wear. A pressure washer will blast all the dirt, debris and algae from the patio tiles in an extremely satisfying manner. You’ll be able to finally see the original colour of the tiles and decking once again and your garden will look brand new!

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Plant low maintenance flowers

Some flowers require a lot more care and attention than others. Go to your local garden centre and ask about the low maintenance plants available. They should offer you some advice and help to curate your perfect low-maintenance garden. All you’ll need to do is plant them in the garden and read their basic instructions. Luckily, low maintenance plants don’t usually have specific shading and sunlight requirements.

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Focus on ornaments

Plants are the most-consuming part of gardening, especially vegetable plants. Stay away from flower beds and vegetable patches if you don’t have time to maintain them. Instead, go for ornaments and decorations to add character to your outdoor space. You could place a few urns around the patio with fairy lights and colourful lanterns. Finish with a cosy outdoor sofa and fire pit for the entertaining area.

A garden to show off is easily attainable with these simple, low maintenance options. Keep on top of things and you’ll have a backyard to be proud of all year round!

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