Having a tiny computer in your pocket has made life so much easier in so many unexpected ways. Your phone isn’t just for getting in touch with people anymore; it can be your map, your encyclopaedia, and your entertainment system. It’s no wonder that most people are addicted to their magic rectangles. However, the overuse of these devices has led to strange phenomena in the way people communicate – or, more accurately, don’t communicate – with each other.

Detox from Your Phone

Sometimes taking a break from your phone can offer mental clarity and a moment to breathe in this fast-paced world. Here are a few ideas for activities and hobbies to help you detox from your phone.

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Take Up a Sport

Physical activity is often praised as something that is good not only for the body but also for the spirit. Activities like running, swimming and weight training are excellent for someone who prefers working at their own pace and on their own schedule. Running is especially good for people who want to enjoy the outdoors more. If you want to spend more time with other people, however, taking up a team sport is a great way to go. Sports like football, hockey and basketball are fast-paced and make it easier to find friends with similar interests.

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Go Exploring

As mentioned before, seeing more of the outdoors is another means of detoxing from your phone. Experiencing your surroundings and paying close attention to your senses is a great way to reconnect with the real world after spending a lot of time in the digital one. If you don’t like the idea of walking without purpose, bring a camera and give yourself the challenge of photographing different items or places on a list. You might discover places in your neighbourhood that you have never seen before.

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Discover Music

Physical activities aren’t always right for everyone, but that doesn’t mean these people can’t take a break from their gadgets. One of the most enriching methods of separating yourself from your phone and developing new skills is to take up music. Perhaps you had lessons when you were younger, or maybe you have an old guitar that is occasionally brought out at parties. Either way, rediscovering music is a soothing and engaging method of reconnecting with parts of your mind that you may have forgotten about. If you already enjoy playing an instrument, why not try something completely new? You can find saxophones online to start your journey into new types of musical discovery.

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Practice Art

If music isn’t one of your interests, maybe art is more for you. Art encompasses so many different forms and skills that there’s something for everyone at every level. Painting is very therapeutic, while drawing is good for concentration. Activities like pottery, playing with textiles and even jigsaw puzzles engages different parts of your mind – plus, with activities like these, you have something tangible and maybe even useful at the end of it. Anyone can take up art and enjoy the escape it provides from the digital world.

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