Decide rest is non-negotiable

Make time for activities that are truly restful. So many of the ‘relaxation‘ activities we default to such as playing games on our phones, social media and internet browsing can rather stimulate than relax us.

Decide for yourself what forms of rest and relaxation feels most nourishing. Do you want to enrol in a weekly yoga or meditation class or use a meditation app like ‘Insight Timer’? Schedule an early night with a good book? Book in for a regular massage?


Use your evening wisely

Try restorative yoga in the evening to help you relax. You can find videos on YouTube or use an app like ‘Asana Rebel’.

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Switch off the screen

Aim to switch off your gadgets (laptop, iPad etc.) and put your phone aside at least one hour before you go to bed. Allow yourself to wind down and relax to ensure you experience more restful sleep.

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Learn to say no

If you feel you genuinely don’t have time to rest, take a look at all of your commitments and get clear within yourself what is essential and most important to you – recognise the choice you have.

Tune in to your breath

We tend to breathe more shallowly and even hold our breath when under pressure. Practice taking 10 deep, full belly breaths during the day, or before bed to relax and calm yourself as needed.

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Consider your nutrition

To enhance your ability to rest and sleep, you might consider restricting your caffeine and sugar intake, limiting alcohol and ensuring you have enough good fats and protein in your diet. Ultimately you know yourself best, but don’t ever hesitate to consult with a nutritionist if needed.

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