Your kitchen is one of those spaces in your home where you spend some of the most beautiful moments of your day. It is a witness to your culinary skills and the many failed experiments perpetrated by your husband. But of late you have been noticing that the space inside your cooking haven has shrunk down. It is primarily because your needs have changed. You prefer to cook more often at home since the outbreak. You have installed more appliances on your tabletop. You have more advanced and germ-resistant non-stick utensils now. But it was all for the well-being and hygiene of your family. Now you are looking for a few ways to manage the space inside your kitchen. You want to make it more organized, more efficient, and highly functional. Let’s start with it right away:

Kitchen Storage Ideas – 6 Ways To Make More Room For Your Belongings

  1. Invest In A Label Maker

This is one of the first steps that you are going to take to organize your kitchen and make it more efficient and functional. Your kitchen storage and counter space can be efficiently managed if you have the right categories and names sorted out. You can always assign specific cabinets and shelves to a particular category of food items and appliances. Sort them according to sizes and label them for easy accessibility. You can easily convert a complete mess into an organized shelf within a matter of minutes. You don’t have to invest in expensive partitions or a long line of complicated kitchen apparatuses. Just get a label maker and you will have a well-organized and sorted shelf within practically no time.

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  1. What About Adding Hooks?

Have you ever noticed how a traditional Italian kitchen is set up? They use various kinds of hooks, hangers, and brackets to make their kitchen clutter-free. You can also make use of your walls and doors intelligently by adding hooks all over the place. You can sort out your apron collection and even arrange all your spatulas and saucepans in neat order with the help of strong and dependable hooks. The best point is that they can be even turned into a focal point of your kitchen, accessorizing the wall just as it should be. This is one of the most efficient ways to free your counters and shelves of any mismanaged utensils and cutlery.

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  1. Choose The Right Wall Cabinet

Depending upon the size of the wall, you must choose the right cabinetry for your kitchen. If your cooking area is small, make sure to opt for smaller cabinets, especially over your cooking stove. You should be able to find something with various compartments and levels to divide your belongings and kitchenware without any hassle. Always invest in something that has strong and reliable hinges. If you are aiming for a minimalistic look, do not go for cabinets with pronounced edges and mouldings. There are plenty of beautiful, functional, lightweight, and Cheap kitchen cabinets available in the market. Some of them can even reach your ceiling for maximum storage. It is time to incorporate them into your overall kitchen design to make the most of empty spaces.

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  1. Dry Versus Wet

It will be a very difficult feat to accomplish in the beginning but once you get the hang of it, you will pat yourself on the back. This trick helps you organize your kitchen ingredients most practically. Always pick specific shelves, cabinets, storage drawers, and containers for different kinds of ingredients in your kitchen. Make it a point to store all your dry ingredients on one side of the kitchen and the wet ones on the other. This way you will not end up mixing them and ruining everything. Remember, even a drop of moisture that slips out of your wet ingredients will be enough to completely compromise your dry ingredients. You may also install a cabinet divider to help you differentiate between the two. You can look for a pull-out organizer in any of the leading online marketplaces to separate dry and wet ingredients from one another.

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  1. Making Use Of Your Kitchen Corners

Those tall and lightweight containers and racks that you saw at the local store can fit into your corners very easily. You do not have to have a huge area to make space for them. They will help you utilize your corners very efficiently and smartly. Instead of putting a big indoor plant in any of your corners, choose a small water plant that could go on the top of these narrow cabinets. You can easily store your spices, condiments, concentrates, oils, and various tiny cooking ingredients in these narrow and tall kitchen racks.

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  1. Magnetic Knife Holder Anyone?

You should say goodbye to your bulky knife blocks right away. There is no space on your counter for those unsightly and soggy wooden knife holders. You should be able to find a very affordable and shining, beautiful, and functional magnetic knife holder at any of the leading online marketplaces. These are completely germ-free and do not collect any bacteria regardless of how you use them. This can also be installed onto your walls for easy reach. Even if you bump into them, they are not going to swing and fall on the floor. They can be installed securely in one place without you having to worry about misplacing or dropping them.

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Bottom Line

These were just a few ideas that you can implement in your kitchen. Be more creative with your approach. Do stick to just one or two designs for more uniformity. Go for a combination of similar features, cabinet shelves, decorative elements, and drawers. Don’t be afraid to experiment with various kinds of apparatuses and storage solutions for different corners of your kitchen. Keep the sizes proportionate and you will be able to manage your existing space very efficiently. Your kitchen is your fun spot, let’s make it even more interesting.

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