There are many reasons why homeowners decide to redesign their kitchens. Whether it’s to increase the value of their property, create more space, or become more eco-friendly, you will naturally have all sorts of hopes, dreams, and ideas of what your kitchen should look like. However, you will be surprised at how many homeowners make mistakes along the way which come back to bite them. From not factoring in enough planning time to choosing to go it alone without any experience, here are five things you mustn’t do when designing your dream kitchen.

5 Things NOT to Do When Designing Your Dream Kitchen

Forget Worktop Space

When it comes to your worktop space, you will need to have plenty of it to get the most out of your kitchen. If you enjoy making meals from scratch, there needs to be enough room to house all your ingredients and equipment. Many homeowners in the past have forgotten the importance of worktop space and ended up with barely any room to cook! Whatever you do, make sure you have enough space to cook, wash up, and potentially eat and socialise. You should also consider the material the worktop is made from. Materials like Silestone white arabesque are often very durable and scratch-resistant, while worktops made of plastic or particleboard can easily chip and do not last nearly as long. When looking for worktops, there are plenty of designs and colours to choose from that will complement your appliances. Click the following link to see some quartz worktops Preston as one example.

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Neglect Ventilation

Good ventilation is a must for any kitchen, particularly if you’re making delicious meals every day. If you use the hob regularly, this can leave a lingering smell if it isn’t properly ventilated. To avoid any smells staying around longer than necessary, you must invest in a well-functioning ventilation system. This will stop any impurities from lingering around your kitchen and home and help to keep your kitchen clean.

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Skimp on Lighting

Like most rooms in your home, it’s vital that you select the right lighting to get the most out of your space. When you are prepping food, you need as much light as possible to see what you’re doing, otherwise, you run the risk of cutting yourself and ending up in A&E. There are spotlights you can install under wall cabinets that will brighten up your worktops and help you when preparing and cooking food. You can also install dimmer switches that completely alter the atmosphere depending on the occasion.

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Underestimate Storage Space

If you’re a real foodie, you will need plenty of storage space to house all your items. Whether it’s cookbooks, pots and pans, a blender, or cutlery, you need to have lots of room to store the essentials. If you’re limited with space and don’t want your kitchen to look messy, you may benefit from having shelving put up which can house some equipment.

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Avoid the Experts

Some homeowners believe they have what it takes to transform their kitchens on their own. However, if you’ve never designed a kitchen before, it’s best to leave everything up to the experts. Before work begins, make sure you liaise with the professionals and keep communication lines open throughout the project.

In order to create the kitchen of your dreams, there are all kinds of mistakes you must avoid along the way. No matter what kind of kitchen style you go for, avoiding any blunders will ensure your kitchen design project is stress-free.

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