For many of us, the kitchen is an area of our home we spend most of our time in. If you love to cook, but you’re “cursed” with a small kitchen, it can become frustrating. There are, however, ways to turn that curse into a blessing. By making the most of the space you’ve got available to you, fall back in love with cooking and feel comfortable in the kitchen once again.

kitchen space

1. Make the most of spare wall space

Wall-mounted storage will solve your issue of over-crowded Jenga-style cupboards that are ready to tumble at any moment. Installing simple racks on the wall will give you the perfect place to hang your pots and pans – you just need to invest in some cheap hooks for them. This also means they’re easily accessible. Rather than scouring through cupboards for the right size pan, keeping them neatly organised saves so much time. Not only that, it can look aesthetically pleasing if you keep them in an order that looks good (for example small – big)

2. Invest in a pull-out pantry

There’s a whole host of products that will fit in a small space, and are currently taking up valuable space in your bigger cupboards. The great thing about a pull-out pantry is that it can fit in even the smallest of spaces. And because it comes all the way out, all of the items in there are easily accessible.

3. Organise and declutter

This is by far the simplest way to make the most of your small space. Think about how many of your cupboards have unused items, and how much space you could save by ditching unnecessary clutter. Only keep the best knives, glasses and cutlery and then get rid of the rest. Tidy away anything that’s eating into preparation space. This will help you decide if you actually need these items as well – if you can’t find a new space for it, you might need to get rid of it. Be ruthless when decluttering, and you’ll soon see the difference.

4. Use mobile storage

Storage with wheels is great when cooking in a small space. You can easily move it out of the way, bring it closer when you need it, and take it somewhere else if it doesn’t have a permanent home in your kitchen. Although beware, if you’ve got different textures on your flooring (e.g. carpet and tiles) then it might be more difficult to move around the house. This is much better if the places you’ll be taking it to have hard tiles or wood flooring throughout for smooth transitioning.

Cooking in a smaller kitchen does have its shortcomings, but there are also positives to look at as well. Everything is close by (especially if it’s organised), and it’s quicker to clean. And let’s be honest, cleaning is often the worst part! What other tips have you got to make the most of space in small kitchens?

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