From the moment we are born to the moment we die we never stop learning. Whilst we may not always ‘learn’ in the context of a formal classroom setting, or even though we may not be aware that we are consciously learning new things, every experience we have will teach us something.
Those who choose to embark upon a program of personal development or self-growth, have often taken the decision based on their perceived or actual need to change something about themselves or their lives that isn’t working for them. This process often results in them finding themselves on a road leading to personal enlightenment. Their ‘new’ life will seem so much better than what they would often refer to as their “previous existence” and, for those people, in particular, their new zest for life will result in a lifelong learning experience which is aimed at leading them to personal fulfilment.
I love learning, expanding my knowledge, continue developing myself by reading, listening to podcasts, doing courses, and attending events – the list is never-ending. I have for about a year wanted to enrol on a personal development course – something that can help me continue my journey of discovering my authentic self, something that can guide me to understand and connect with life on a deeper level and to understand and be a better listener.
So… a couple of days ago, I decided to take the plunge and enrolled in three Diploma courses – check out my selection below:
As these are all long-distance learning courses, I can do them within my time frame – I have given myself a deadline to submit all the assignments by end of August! I’m super-excited about this and have scheduled 2-3 hours daily (mostly in the morning, after the school run and my morning walk) to study. These courses are perfect for continuing my professional development – to become a better Life & Mindfulness Coach along with the bonus of having Counselling Skills.
If I’ve got the weather on my side, my office is of course outside – with my pink laptop and a cup of divine Earl Grey Tea. There’s nothing more inspiring and energising than sitting outdoors and working/studying to the sound of birds tweeting, the river running and piano music playing on low in the background.
I take a 10-minute break after each 5-minute working/study session. I will lie down in my hammock doing a quick guided meditation.

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