Whether you’ve been living in your home for a while or you’ve only just recently moved into a new one, décor is important in creating an environment that you, your partner and your family feel comfortable in and want to spend your life in.
If your home is starting to feel drab, boring, or just not you anymore, then these tips will help you to get your home to feel like yours again with a new lease of life, without all the hassle!

Quick and Easy Décor Tips

1. Use Your Personality

It’s a common misconception to think that your kitchen and living room should be neutral spaces; yes, they are shared, but this doesn’t mean you can’t show your personality too.

To add your own personal touch, put up a poster of something you like, be it a film or music artist or something else, or a piece of artwork that speaks to you and inspires you, onto an otherwise minimalist wall. You can even frame it to give it a more sophisticated feel. Little touches like this can make your home feel more like yours; posters aren’t just for teenager bedrooms!

2. Switch it Up

Try switching out small pieces of your décor for something new. This way, you can try out a bunch of different styles without committing to a whole renovation or redesign of a room in your house.

Cabinet Doors ‘N’ More has a great range of wooden cabinet drawers that you can implement into your kitchen to give it a more natural feel if it’s feeling too industrial for your liking. Or, if you already have something similar, trying out a different colour can do wonders for an otherwise dim room.

3. Be Fruitful

Everyone has a fruit bowl to put their fresh fruit in (and if you don’t, you should get one) so show it off. A lovely, well-designed fruit bowl filled with bright red apples, shining grapes and tempting oranges and bananas in the centre of your dining or coffee table makes for great decoration, and you already have all of it when you do your weekly shopping. When fruit is part of your décor like this, it makes your kitchen look homey and lived in. Another benefit is that’ll it’ll look so good, you won’t be able to resist snacking on the fruit!

4. Ask Your Friends

You see your home every day, so it’s easy for you to see its pitfalls. Asking your friends for their honest opinions about your home can give you a fresh insight into how it really looks, or at least how it looks to other people. They might see things they really love that you hadn’t even thought about before.
Flipping this on its head, you could visit your friend’s home and take mental notes of what you like about their homes and how they differ from yours. Don’t just copy their décor, of course, but take inspiration from their style and mould it into your own.

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