“A single black ant sped across the floor beyond our naked toes, and I wondered why I felt so oppositional. His expression of unflappable faith had touched a profound place, the deep wellspring of my purpose – my future dream I cradled like a soft and formative pearl.”
– Aspen Matis

Ants are familiar living creatures that we see almost every day around us. If only you witness, you can see how they teach us the importance of practicing a social pattern and consider teamwork as an essential part of our lives.

Directly or indirectly, ants teach us a lot of meaning in our lives. This makes it essential for us to learn about different facts associated with this tiny yet wise creature. Surf through these facts and enrich your knowledge.

Interesting and Untold Facts About Ants

Fact no. 1 – Ants have strength

This must-have left you in deep thoughts of how is that possible? Well, that’s true. Ants have tremendous strength of carrying at least 10 to 50 times their weight. Rest, it depends on the species of the ant. For instance – an Asian weaver ant has the potential to lift around 100 times more weight than its mass.

According to Arizona State University, the small size of ants is the reason for better and cross-sectional area muscles. This tenfold the body potential while producing more force.

Fact no. 2 – They don’t have lungs

Ants do not have enough space to have a complicated respiratory system in their body. As a result, their medium of respiration is different from human beings. Ants breathe oxygen via spiracles. The spiracles are connected in a vast network of tubes spreading oxygen to ant’s every cell.

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Fact no. 3 – Ants are the next-gen farmers

You may be considering it as a joke, but that’s true. It’s a farming creature, just like fish, cows, chickens, sheep, etc. Ants protect aphids from their natural enemies and shelter them during the heavy rains. This is to seek consistent honeydew supply for ample time.

Fact no. 4 – Ants are swimmers

Ants can swim, but that depends on the species too. They may not have mastered breaststroke or butterfly move but hold the potential to survive in water. They use a unique pattern of swimming named ‘doggy paddle’ that helps them float for a long time. All in all, they are survivors and can breathe even when underwater. This means they have the potential to build lifeboats to survive heavy rainfalls or flood-like circumstances.

Even though ants do not hurt us drastically, it is necessary to get rid of them. Why? Because a few dangerous species of ants can prove troublemakers for your toddlers for sure. Therefore, it’s good to go for pest control once in a while to keep your home safe from harmful insects. And why not when pest control services are so readily available?

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Sum up

Ants are one of the oldest creatures still alive on the planet Earth. They make you look tiny but can be a significant trouble for you. This is not just from the hygiene’s perspective but the overall wellbeing of the family membe rs.

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