Pigeons are great. Every year they fly thousands of miles just in search of food. Spy’s have used them to deliver critical information during the Wartime. You can even find many studies that tell you how pigeons can be trained to read time, recognize words, criticize art and even diagnose cancer.

Pigeon Control How to Get Rid of Flying Pests

Despite their extraordinary mental abilities, pigeons are also known as flying pests, especially to business owners here in Las Vegas. Sadly, you know pigeons as a nuisance more than a world-renowned art critic or world traveller. Because we understand, it isn’t easy to acknowledge a bird’s talents when it keeps defecating over your business!

Here you’ll find everything you need to know about dealing with this flying menace that you find all-around your home, also what you need to do to keep them away from your business.

Don’t Give Them a Chance to Land on Your Property.

There are plenty of ways in which you can discourage pigeons from landing on your property. First, you have to think about your habits that might encourage these birds to come to your place. For instance, are your trash cans properly sealed with the lid? If you are ignoring this small thing, you unknowingly are welcoming pigeons on your property. They try to salvage whatever they can find, and an open trash bin is their first choice.

Additionally, make sure you are not leaving any food outside the premises. Put any dishes or platters you have used directly into the bin. Make sure you do not leave a single grain of food that has been spilt accidentally while throwing your trash. And if you are a bird lover who likes to place bird feeders around their home or workplace, make sure you put them away until you get out of this annoying problem.

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Hire Professional Pigeon Removal Services

Despite trying everything in your power, pigeons in your area keep coming back. This leaves you with only one option and is to hire modern-day pest control services. To get rid of pigeons on roof, you will need to employ specific techniques that only a pest control crew can execute. From setting up traps to applying repellents, a professional pest control crew will provide you with the most effective solution to this problem.

Plus, they can easily find the answer to all the pigeon menace you have been suffering from at your business place with their tools and strategies. Once they are done setting up traps and taking all the other essential measures to make your property a pigeon-free zone, you can once again breathe a sigh of relief.

Build a Pigeon Proof Structure

Pigeons look for places where they can easily nest and, most notably, where no one suspects their presence. It includes rafters, roofs, ledges, attics, garages, balconies, and outdoor sheds. When they find such places, they make themselves comfortable with no mind of leaving that place soon.

However, you can effectively deal with this problem. One of the most commonly used proofing methods is to use steel prongs, such as porcupine wire or bird spikes. Additionally, Make sure you have your vents appropriately sealed from the outside, giving no way for pigeons to get inside your building or home because it is their most common way to infiltrate the inside of your premises. They come inside through these vents and make their nests around a warm and cosy corner where you can’t easily reach. Stop them from entering inside your building at all costs and cover these openings with screens or nettings.

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Use Live Traps

So, a pigeon has already entered your building. Now the only thing you can think about is how to get rid of the flying menace. When you are setting live traps to capture the pigeon that has come flying inside your building, make sure you put them in the places where they are most likely to feed themselves. You can use delicious food and water as bait to lure pigeons into the trap. However, you have to be patient with this method as we have already established that pigeons are smart creatures, and they are masters in the act of defecating on your plans.

But soon, you will capture these pests with wings, ensure you follow the local norms of disposal or release methods. Also, bear in mind that this method takes time, and sometimes it can even become dangerous for you. Hence, you should leave it in the hands of a professional who can take care of this nuisance for you.

Make Use of Repellents

There are many repellents you can find in the market. A few of them are chemical-based, and some of them are natural. According to your preference, you can choose which one you want to try for pest control. Most of the time, they are an effective solution to this problem.

You can also use visual repellents that provide a temporary solution to this annoying problem. Also, you can hang reflective bird diverters where you think pigeons are coming from to visit your home or building. If these repellents are still not working for you, you can use a more aggressive approach and install a sticky layer that makes the surface unfit for nesting and roosting. That said, a more suitable method would be hiring a crew of pest control professionals who can quickly deal with a bird menace at your home or building.

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To Sum it Up

If you don’t deal with them, pigeons can turn your life into a living nightmare. Getting rid of them is not easy, and if your methods are not inadequate, you’ll never see them leaving your site as they tend to keep coming back once they find a loophole in your plans or techniques.

However, you can still get out of this bird menace by hiring pest control specialists. They apply tested and proven methods to clear them out of your building. Moreover, they make sure that they won’t return to your structure once you have used their services.

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