The health and safety of your family should be your primary concern. Keeping your loved ones away from rodents and mice is one effective way to maintain their well-being. But protecting them from any probable ill-effects of pesticides is also your responsibility. Make sure to exercise these precautionary and safety measures before you begin with rodent control in your home.

Easy Safety Measures To Take Before Rat Pest Control At Home

Safety Measures To Take Before The Pest Control Treatment Begins

Close all your windows and other outlets. Keep the curtains open. Keep all internal doors open and external doors shut. Make sure to cover any food items lying around. All grocery items should be packed away. Vacate your premises before the professionals arrive. Remove any boxes and papers lying around the house. Explain the rat infestation situation to the pest control professionals the moment they arrive at your property.

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Safety Exercise To Follow Post Pest Control

When it comes to maintaining the safety and wellbeing of your family, do what the leading recommends. Stay away from your house for at least 3 to 4 hours and let the pesticides do their job. Try to leave the place for at least 24 hours, ensuring maximum effectiveness of pesticides. Open your windows and doors to facilitate air circulation. Avoid any wet cleaning procedures to prevent the chemical from wearing off. Wash all your counters and surfaces. No traces and spills of pesticides and other medicines should remain. Clean and sanitize your furniture and upholstery as early as possible.

Important Note: According to a report on mouse monitoring released by the CSIRO and Grains Research and Development Corporation, “moderate to high mouse activity in many regions of southern Queensland; northern, central and southern NSW; north-western Victoria; and parts of South Australia” has been recorded.

The report also sheds light on how empty offices, restaurants, and cafes have been driving hungry rats into residential areas. The authorities have warned suburban areas about a new rat plague that could hit Sydney soon. The right move now is to get associated with a dependable Rat Pest Control Sydney NSW Australia professional immediately and stall this risk in its tracks before it gets out of hand.

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Sensitive To Pesticides? Keeping Allergies & Irritation At Bay

If anyone in your family is sensitive to these chemicals, make sure that they are not exposed to them. Exercise a bit of extra care for your loved ones and remember to do the following:

  • Any pregnant or nursing women in your family should be kept far away from any chemicals
  • People with breathing sensitivities/allergies or asthma should never come in contact with such chemicals
  • Send any elderly suffering from long-term health ailments to a friend’s place for a day
  • Take extra caution for any of your family members who have had any surgical treatment
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5 Ways To Prevent Rat Infestation In The First Place

Well, pest control and prevention is something that you must have thought about numerous times. A few tips can help you avoid this ordeal completely such as:

  1. Mouse Traps

Baiting and trapping a mouse lets you get rid of any existing rodent occupants. Keep small children away from these traps to avoid any injuries.

  1. Sealing Up Your Home

Shut down all the holes and seal up your home.

  1. Outdoor Access? No.

Do not give pests any outdoor access.

  1. Clean Your Yard

Keep your yard free of any garbage and debris. Clutter attracts pests, therefore, get rid of it now.

  1. Build A Wall

You can go for a 2-foot-wide barrier made of cement and crushed rocks.


Keep your property clean and do not leave any food or edible items outside in your lawn or driveway. These steps should help you not only keep your family members safe from any probable ill-effects of pesticides but will also prevent any future rat infestations.

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