Being an Award Winning Interior Designer and of Indian origin, I taught myself the basics of Feng Shui. I never used it in my own life until 2016, when I was reading Kate Northrup’s ‘Money A Love Story’ and doing her 21-day Money Love Challenge. One of the tasks of the #MoneyLoveChallenge was to introduce Feng Shui to our home. As the challenge was about money, we were asked to focus on the Wealth & Prosperity corner. It’s definitely worth a try – I can see and feel the changes.


Feng Shui

7 ways to use simple feng shui philosophy to help clear away any and all of the obstacles you’re currently facing:

1. Identify where you feel stuck

Try to observe how you walk through a day. Where do you get frustrated, tired, or discombobulated? At home? In your office? Wherever the energy gets stuck, you get stuck, so try simply opening a window or doing some clutter-clearing to lighten things up wherever they feel heavy. A little cleaning can help you shift perspective in a big way.

2. Clear your path

It’s extremely common to use the hallway as a place to store things like slippers or gym bags and the foyer as a place for giant coats, but all of this blocks the flow of energy in your home. When you walk through an obstacle course to get through your day, you are absorbing a lot of resistance. Clear your path at home to clear your path in life.

3. Clear the air of creative blocks

Creative genius is often associated with a flowing state of mind. When you’re in the zone, you feel light and clear. If you’re in a creative slump, try burning a sage wand or turning on a Himalayan salt lamp to get the negative ions flowing. This will reinvigorate the positive energy in the air and create a fresh start.

4. Clear your negative mental chatter

If you’re constantly surrounded by negative chatter and self-defeating beliefs, chances are they’re manifesting themselves in your home as clutter and disorganization. Tackling even the smallest organisational project – like a junk drawer or wallet – can help you clear your mind and feel more positive.

5. Focus your attention

If you’re someone who often feels scattered, you’ll benefit from making space in your life to focus. One of the simplest ways to do this is to clear your countertops, desks, and shelves of extra stuff. The more you can minimize the amount of clutter you see, the more your mind can focus on the important things.

6. Stop feeling drained

I can’t stress enough how often our spaces reflect the energetic drains of toxic patterns and people. And when you’re around toxic home products enough, you catch the toxicity, too! Even eliminating a few toxic beauty or cleaning products can lighten up the toxin load at home and help you shake free of draining dynamics.

7. Curate your space

When you decide to actively design your home in a way that supports your goals and your lifestyle, everything becomes easier. Every day you’ll wake up in a space that reflects your dreams.

“Your Home is a Mirror of Your Life.”

This may sound like a daunting concept, but it unfolds into small, actionable steps. There are so many organic ways to start weaving your intentions into your space. Start by removing negative messages and objects you don’t like from your home. You’ll clear away so much of what you don’t want in the process and make room for vibrant, positive things to arrive.

DTLYD De-cluttering Calendar

Your space is a mirror of your life. The more open and inspiring it feels, the more it will support you in adapting, stretching, and growing.

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