Moving into a new house is a huge step, and as soon as you do all you start to look for are ways to make it feel like home. You could change out the floors, give the property a fresh coat of paint, redo the kitchen, install a shower instead of that dingy old bath, and so on. What most don’t realize is that jumping into a home renovation can be a terrible idea. You don’t yet know what your property needs or the design direction it is going to take, meaning you could end up spending a lot of money for a project you aren’t completely happy within the end.

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Wait Before You Renovate After Moving In

There are so many reasons why you should wait before you renovate, and here are the top five:

Gives You Time to Determine the House’s Needs

One of the biggest reasons why you should wait before you renovate is that it gives you time to see what the house actually needs. If you think that your kitchen is a disaster and you need to gut it, give it time. What might actually be the case is that the design is outdated, but that the skeleton works perfectly, in which case a facelift is all that is needed and not a full redesign.

Gives You Time to Unpack and See Yourself in the Space

Another reason to wait is that when you first move in, the house isn’t yours just yet. People renovate in order to have something of theirs in the home when in reality it’s far easier and more effective to just unpack and start to design the space with your belongings.

Helps Give You Space to Design And Decide

Waiting three or more months before committing to any big renovation project also gives you time to work out exactly what you want to be done. Don’t assume you know before you start looking at the options. If you don’t look and see what can be done, you might just miss out on some very smart and beautiful ideas you would have loved to include in your new kitchen, bathroom, or anywhere else in your home.

Useful for Vetting and Choosing a Contractor

There have been remodelling horror stories of contractors coming in, taking months to not finish a job, and if they do only for the final look to be cheap or terrible. That’s because homeowners have a tendency to not invest time into researching their contractor. It is particularly prevalent if they only renovate after a contractor comes to their door and discusses things like adding insulation or other such fixes.

You need to be in full control over who you choose. Kitchen and bath remodelling projects deserve the best, so you need to hire the best. Choose a company that has the experience, trust, and history you are looking for, and then contact them with a clear idea in mind as to what you want to be done in your kitchen or bathroom.

But before you look into remodeling, you may want to look to see if there are any unwanted guests residing in your home – pests such as rodents, spiders, and ants can all wreak havoc where your renovation plans are concerned and therefore you should consider using a company like to remove any pests once and for all.

Regardless of which room you’ve set your remodelling sights on, it’s always best to just take a step back and wait. This way you can be sure the remodel is necessary, and more importantly, that you have the right design solutions to make it into your dream home.

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