Writing about your desires, your past and future fitness goals definitely gives you an upper hand on a variety of things. For instance,

  • You can repeat what worked for you to maximize success.
  • You can figure out what’s not working for you.

Isn’t that how it works?

Now, imagine this. You set your alarm clock at 5 am in the morning. But instead of giving your body some sweat sesh, you start doing something (that’s not even important). Or you start giving a side-eye look to your gym bag.

What’s the point of journaling if you don’t even have the motivation to start things in the first place? Well! Worry not! The following are some incredible ways that will keep you motivated to get into your athleisure every single day.

One, two, three, …… go!

Keep a Note of Your Expectations

Although we said “fitness isn’t about journaling alone,” that simply doesn’t mean you should ignore it altogether. To start things on the right track, you must set your goals and measure your progress. To do this, you’ll eventually need to write down everything from start to finish.

But never forget one important thing, “Always note down realistic goals.” Otherwise, you’ll feel a lot frustrated if you don’t happen to achieve those ambitious goals. For instance, if you are just starting with your fitness regime, starting with a 60 minutes walk session might not be something you can achieve initially.

Contrary to that, if you begin with a 10-minute walk five days a week, you can easily achieve it to motivate you to go one notch higher. Such goals are often referred to as “short-term” goals. Additionally, you can write down your long-term goals as well. For example, if you go for goals like a 5K walk in a pre-defined timeline, you will work towards achieving that by working on your short or intermediate goals.

Note: As per the health organization of the country, if you opt for 150 minutes of moderate activity or choose 75 minutes of vigorous exercise per week, you’ll easily achieve your fitness goals.

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Transform The Boring Routine Into a Fun Session

Do you remember the time when you used to practically beg your mother to let you stay outside for five more minutes? The vibe was too perfect for letting you leave the place. Isn’t it?

You can feel the same if you rediscover that joy of moving around. Like if you have children, play games like tag or hopscotch. You can even try swimming, badminton, or croquet. And who can deny the benefits of dancing as a part of your fitness routine? Pick any dance form like Salsa, Zumba, and so on to achieve your fitness goals.

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Keep Changing Your Workout Playlist

Many people tend to listen to their favourite songs every time they enter their “workout” mode. But what happens next? You end up skipping the songs most of the time. What’s the solution? It’s actually simple. All you have to do is create a playlist of songs that make you feel pumped up, eventually surging your endorphins.

You can even take the help of smartphone apps and devise a game-changing experience for yourself. While you are at it, if you’re using a Fitbit to monitor your progress, you may want to look at Garmin replacement bands and personalise them.

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Enrol Yourself For a Fitness Class

Sometimes doing things on your own feel too monotonous. However, if you take the help of trainers, you can achieve even the goals you thought otherwise. For example, joining group fitness classes will help you find support and guidance from experts and like-minded people in terms of fitness goals.

Other than that, you’ll have a variety of forms to try, and you won’t find your moves going stale because of the repetition. Additionally, you’ll start holding yourself accountable for cancelled sessions and feel charged up to get going with your schedule once again.

Don’t Be Too Strict on Yourself

Following a schedule is important. There are no two ways about it. But if you happen to be very busy for a day or two, don’t be too tough on yourself. Remember, fitness goals are for life. You won’t lose anything in a few days. The important thing is that you must get back on track once the emergencies are dealt with.

Again, take a minute or two to savour the feelings that a good workout session gives you. This is a form of internal reward to motivate you for a long-term commitment. In addition to this, you can also go for some external rewards. Like if you achieve a milestone, you can treat yourself to something or enjoy a cheat day to rejuvenate yourself for the next goal.

Wrapping up

With so much happening worldwide, one thing is pretty certain, “Health is wealth.” For this, you’re required to keep a check on your physical and mental health regularly. Being a part of a good fitness regime is ideally the first step to achieving that.

However, one needs the motivation to move their body. You can either take the help of your peers, friends, or loved ones or simply join a class. You can even give yourself some incredible athleisure to feel motivated or make a difference in your mind. It’s like telling yourself, “You have to get up and work hard.”

But most importantly, don’t forget to smile. Yes, you heard it right. Smiling is a simple technique to feel happier. A big grin on your face can work wonders to achieving your fitness goals. So, why not try it?

Here are a few tips you can try as a part of your fitness routine to help you more.

  • Go for a new workout routine every month.
  • Try stretching more.
  • Ensure that you are doing every routine in the right form.
  • Look for a workout friend/buddy.
  • Do something that excites you.
  • Try avoiding vehicles when you can easily walk.
  • Try drinking more water.

Never miss out on tracking your progress. Otherwise, it will all be a waste of time. Again, the point is to remind yourself every day “why” are you doing all this. Once you do that, you’ll always feel motivated to accomplish things.

Fitness Isn’t About Journaling Only - Start Doing This Instead!

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