Keeping your gas grills in the right condition is essential for the success of your house parties. You’ll give anything to prevent situations like low flames and zero ignitions, which may arise anytime if the grill isn’t used for a few months at a stretch. So, what can you possibly do to reduce such last-minute issues that may ruin the amazing evening that you have planned? Let’s shed some light on that. 

How To Clean And Maintain Your Grill Throughout The Year

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Understand how the grill works

This is the foremost step to ensure the grill works in the proper condition whenever you take it out in the open. While it may be subjected to a lot of smoke and grease in summer, it also takes the wrath of the winter in the form of frost and snow, thus increasing the chances of damage. Understanding how the grill system along with its individual parts works, you can take maximum care of it during both on and off-seasons. 

Here, you should know that replacement is not always necessary and you can do without it in most cases, especially when the regulator stops working or needs to be reset. You can get an idea about how to reset your BBQ regulator online where they have mentioned a step-by-step procedure for your convenience. Most of the time, the issue will get resolved at that and if it doesn’t, you may call in the experts. 

On-season maintenance tips

You need to follow a series of steps during the grilling season to make sure the system doesn’t fail you. Scroll on:

Clean the insides – Use soapy water and a scrub pad to clean the insides of your BBQ grill regularly. If you grill fatty or greasy food continuously, the cleaning should be done more frequently. When not in use, you should cover the grill with waterproof and breathable clothing, except in heavy moisture-prone areas. 

Ensure proper stem cleaning – After you finish using the grill for the day (or evening), you should cover it with moist newspaper and close the lid. Make sure that the grill has already started to cool down before covering it. If it’s hot, rub an onion over the hot bars to clean any food residue away. 

Put the hotplates in the dishwasher – Unless the grill is huge, you can easily put the hotplates in the dishwater to get them squeaky cleaned. The best results can be obtained if you clean them when hot. You can also prepare a vinegar-water solution, spray it over the grill and keep it for some time before wiping it away.

Invest in stainless steel cleaner – If your grill has stainless steel components, you can think of getting an industry-standard stainless-steel cleaner from the local hardware store or online. It will give an extra shine to the grill, provided the surface is moist enough to remove food debris. It’s best to choose a cloudy day for cleaning, as the heat of the sun can make it difficult to remove streaks and food particles. 

Burn cleaning for gas grills – Cleaning a gas grill may seem easier than charcoal ones, as you can simply turn it on, close the hood and let it heat for some time to get rid of food residue. Then you just need to dip the cleaning brush into the soapy water and scrub the carbon off the surface. Allow the grill to cool down by turning it off and disconnecting the propane tank. 

While cleaning the tubes and burners, you should make sure that the tank is switched off and the briquettes and cooking grates are removed completely. You should also remove the tubes and the burners before cleaning them. Take a moist cloth and wipe the burner clean before drying the gas ports and cleaning them with a toothpick or similar things. For cleaning the tubes, you should use warm, soapy water. 

One important thing that you should keep in mind while taking care of your grill during the on-season is replenishing the gas supply regularly. If the propane tank has corroded or grown rust, you should replace it, and if possible, recycle it by contacting your local supplier. 

Off-season maintenance tips

When your grill is not going to be used for a long time, you should make sure that it’s thoroughly cleaned before putting it aside to prevent damages, as well as ensure its durability. Let’s give you some suggestions regarding the same:

Soak the grates – Strip individual parts of the grill, like flavour bars, grates, burner-control knobs, racks, and grease trays and soak these in soapy water for at least 30 minutes. This will help you clean the grill without much hassle. If possible, you should remove the burner tubes as well. 

Scrub and scrub hard – After soaking the grates and other components for 30 minutes, take them out and scrub them with a wire brush to remove all food particles. You can pour some baking soda and vinegar over them while scrubbing to ensure proper cleaning and get rid of stubborn grease. 

Clean the firebox – Once the individual parts have been removed, you should clean the firebox with soapy water and put an empty bucket below the opening of the grease tray to catch the flowing debris. You can also use a hand vacuum to remove loose debris before rinsing it with water from the garden hose. 

Clean the burner tube holes – The tube holes can be an inviting place for insects to nest in. You should wipe them clean with a brush to prevent such issues from arising.

Once you are done cleaning each part of the grill, pour soapy water on the outside of the grill and towel-dry it later. Now, reassemble the removed parts and cover the grill with a breathable cloth to keep it aside. 

Wrapping it up

Taking proper care of your grill throughout the on and off-seasons will improve its longevity and save money on costly repairs. While storing the grill during the off-season, try to cover it with a vinyl cloth and store it away in a dry area after covering all the gas line connections to prevent insects from entering. 

How To Clean And Maintain Your Grill Throughout The Year

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